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A beginner’s guide to French Polynesia

The South Pacific is full of idyllic islands, but there's something special about French Polynesia. Few places in the world are more synonymous with luxury and relaxation than Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea – and those are just the better known of French Polynesia's 118 islands, all of them stunning tropical escapes. Tahiti Ahhh, Tahiti. The name is so evocative of Polynesian paradise that it's often used (incorrectly) to refer to other islands in the French Polynesia group. In fact, ... Continue Reading

Top 10 must-dos in Niue

Circled by ocean caverns and home to less than 1500 people, rugged and surprising Niue is unlike any other Pacific destination. Direct flights from Auckland make it the perfect place to experience a unique combination of active adventure and excellent food, all infused with Polynesian warmth and humour. Negotiating sea caves Niue is one of the world's largest raised coral atolls, and the craggy shoreline crafted in nature-eroded makatea (coral) is punctuated with sea caves. In cathedral... Continue Reading

Top reasons to visit Tahiti

Tahiti is one of those places we associate with the exotic. In the depths of winter it’s where you fantasize about being - cocktail in hand, contemplating your next swim in crystal clear waters. And actually the pictures don’t lie; Tahiti is a piece of paradise comprised of 118 islands and atolls and boasting many uniquely Pacific experiences. The most frequently visited islands are Tahiti island, Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Taha’a, and Rangiroa. Here’s why in-the-know ... Continue Reading

Beyond Bali: Exploring the island of Gili Trawangan in Lombok, Indonesia

The island archipelago known as the Gilis are one of the most popular destinations in Lombok, the region of Indonesia that many call 'the unspoilt Bali'. Alexia Santamaria goes exploring on the biggest island of the group, Gili Trawangan. As we disembarked the boat at the island of Gili Trawangan, several things struck me. Firstly, 'That may just be the clearest, bluest water I have ever seen' followed swiftly by 'Wow, there are a lot of tourists on those other boats too' and, after ... Continue Reading

The World’s 5 Best Stopovers

Nowhere else on the planet is as far from Europe as New Zealand – count on around 24 hours flying time to travel from London from Auckland – and transiting straight through is an exercise in sheer endurance. Take things more leisurely instead, and spend a couple of nights in these stopover cities where good public transport and well-run airports make it easy to maximise your time enjoying each destination's attractions. Singapore One of the world's most efficient airports – don't be ... Continue Reading

Sunshine Eating: A Food and Wine tour of Croatia

Croatia isn't widely known for its food, but thanks to its Mediterranean climate, spectacular seafood and unique mix of Eastern European and Italian influences, it really should be, as Jill Worrall explains. Someone had opened the oven door in Dubrovnik. It was 38˚C in the city and the summer thunderstorm that had performed a sound and light show – boiling clouds, forked lightning, thunder that made the windows vibrate and a deluge of water – had cleared away overnight. The ... Continue Reading

7 Cool Places To Get High In London

Since the turn of the millennium, the London Eye has lured crowds with its breath-taking bird’s eye views of the British capital. But if you’ve already ridden it – or loathe lengthy queues – don’t worry. There are plenty of lofty alternatives. In recent years, a spate of glossy high-rises has mushroomed across London, and several old towers have been repurposed, giving vista-hungry locals and tourists cool new spots from which to absorb the city’s famous landmarks and ... Continue Reading

The Top 5 Towns to visit in the Cotswolds

Escaping to the English countryside is a popular pastime for both visitors and Brits alike, and there is nothing that makes you feel more like a time traveller than a jaunt to the Cotswolds. This is the land of castles, fresh air, lavender fields and honey-coloured buildings. If you’ve ever dreamed of starring in your own personal period drama, this is the place to do it. Best seen during the summer months, the Cotswolds actually covers six counties of England – Gloucestershire, ... Continue Reading

India by train: A Beginner’s Guide

It's easy enough to get around India by air, but to really experience this vast and fascinating country there's nothing like travelling India by train. Too hard? Not at all. As Jill Worrall explains, rail travel in India is far less intimidating than it might seem. Every day more than 23 million people board trains in India to travel on one of the busiest and most extensive rail networks in the world! India has more than 63,000km of railways and at any one time those 23 million people ... Continue Reading

India’s Top 10 Don’t Miss Experiences

You could spend months travelling in India and only scratch the surface of this remarkable and endlessly interesting country. If you're visiting for just a few weeks, you'll need to plan carefully. Here, India expert Jill Worrall shares her favourite experiences and most memorable moments. The Taj Mahal Yes, you’ve seen hundreds of images of it, maybe even think it’s too clichéd to be true, but nothing prepares visitors for the emotional impact of the Taj Mahal. It can get ... Continue Reading

Life in a Northern Town: Manchester

Visit Manchester? Why would you? Well, this city of three million souls in Britain’s northwest has undergone something of a modern-day Renaissance. And all the guidebooks say the same thing. They talk about how the city’s entertainment, key attractions, sports facilities and city centre have received significant investment, making it now a real hub for major attractions, upmarket shopping, restaurants and bars – and a must to include on any UK itinerary. Many of the ... Continue Reading

London – 5 Top Historic Pubs

Cosy, informal and often at the heart of the local community, the historic British pub is a bona fide institution. And in the nation’s capital there’s more of them than you can shake a stick at. From old ale houses frequented by notorious highwaymen and literary greats, to pubs positioned on the jumping off point for America’s pilgrims; forget swanky cocktail bars and overpriced clubs, a London pub crawl can see you follow in the footsteps of drinking history. And these 5 old-style ... Continue Reading

5 Reasons Kids Love Plantation Island

Remember the holidays you had as a kid – running free, making friends and enjoying the sunshine, instead of sitting around watching TV? At Plantation Island, they do. That's why the popular Fijian resort has created a kids' wonderland, with state-of-the-art facilities, exciting activities and an emphasis on safety. Plantation Island, Fiji. Photo: Plantation Island Resort. Kids clubs At Plantation Island, they've got boredom busting down to a fine art. The resort offers a ... Continue Reading

Top Sri Lanka Hill Country Experiences

Away from the south's arcing beaches and the commercial energy of Colombo, the green and lush Hill Country feels a world apart from the rest of Sri Lanka. Winding roads and railways drift languidly through hillsides carpeted with tea plantations, the country's colonial heritage still infuses towns the British decamped to during the heat of summer, and active travellers can comfortably explore in the subdued cooler climate of the region's everlasting spring.     &nbs... Continue Reading

Negotiating the backwaters of Kerala in India

A chain of lakes and canals stretching through southern India, the Kerala backwaters are a world away from the nation's chaotic urban centres. Brett Atkinson hops aboard a traditional Keralan barge for a lazy three-day journey.   India and relaxed: two words you normally don’t see together. From the flow of curious humanity that envelopes you at the train stations to the crazy diesel-fuelled urban maze of traffic in some of the planet's biggest cities, visiting the Indian ... Continue Reading

Visiting India? Here’s how to avoid ‘Delhi Belly’

A frequent India visitor shares her tips to prevent an upset tummy – and what to do if despite your precautions, trouble strikes!!! A street food vendor in Old Delhi, India. Photo: Arterra/UIG via Getty Images Mention you are planning to travel to India and chances are that someone is going to gleefully point out that you will inevitably be struck with Delhi Belly, possibly even as the aircraft touches down on Indian soil! But it is completely possible to have a fantastic time in ... Continue Reading

Interview with a Vampire: Tracing the footsteps of Count Dracula in Transylvania

The blood-sucking Count Dracula is one of literature's most famous characters, inspiring hundreds of movies, comics and spin-off books – and making an international tourist attraction out of Transylvania, the Count's homeland in central Romania. Jill Worrrall explores the reality behind the myth. Bran Castle, Transylvania. Photo: Wotjek Laski/Getty Images. As a child, two things fuelled my desire to go to Romania. One was a postage stamp marked “Posta Romana”, collected in my brief ... Continue Reading

The Top Reasons to Visit Croatia

In Croatia, grandiose heritage architecture – the remnants of historic city states and ancient civilisations – combines with the hearty pleasures of the country's excellent seafood and rustic wine. Opportunities to get active include negotiating a network of forest-clad lakes or kayaking around the scattered islands of the Adriatic Sea. The beach and port at Dubrovnik's Old Town. Photo: Getty Images Dubrovnik Traverse the 15th-century walls of Dubrovnik's Old Town before exploring ... Continue Reading

QUIZ Uncover Eastern Europe

Think Eastern Europe isn't for you? Eastern Europe is rich in culture, architecture and natural wonders and definitely doesn't get enough credit amongst it's popular neighbours. And we prove why it's bucket list worthy! Try our quiz below! Continue Reading

Hoppy days at a beer spa in the Czech Republic

Spa treatments in Northern Italy involve being encased in warm hay; in Japan you can soak yourself in a tub of skin-improving sake. But the Czech Republic boasts possibly the weirdest spa experience of them all: bathing in beer. Brett Atkinson took a dip.   Fancy a beer? Try a Beer Spa in Czech Republic! Photo: iStock Czech drinkers like a robust head on their beer, but this is ridiculous. Just 90 minutes by train from where Pilsner was first brewed, I’m lying in a hoppy bath of ... Continue Reading