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A city by city guide to Vietnam’s best street food

With its bright, clean flavours and generous use of herbs and vegetables, Vietnamese food is widely considered one of the world's healthiest and most delicious cuisines. Less well known is the fact that Vietnamese food differs widely from region to region, thanks to the country's unique geography and diverse culture, including Chinese, French and Japanese influences. The best way to discover more? With some good walking shoes, an adventurous attitude and an empty stomach. Eat where the ... Continue Reading

Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos – What kind of holiday do you deserve?

Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos have something for everyone! Are you an adventurer, foodie, relaxer or cultural seeker? Find out in our quiz today! Continue Reading

Top things to do in Sydney in summer

Sydney is a wonderful place to visit any time of year, but in summer it's truly at its resplendent best – gorgeous white sand beaches, beautiful gardens, great places to grab a bite and lots of stylish bars to enjoy something long and cool while drinking in those gorgeous rays of Sydney sun. Whether you're on your own, on a romantic break or there with the family, you will definitely find something fun and fabulous to do. Here are some of our summertime picks, only a small selection of what ... Continue Reading

Laos: the must-do places and don’t-miss experiences

Ancient traditions, untouched landscapes and a local culture still largely unspoilt by tourism makes the Land of a Million Elephants a favourite stop on any Southeast Asian itinerary. Here are our top ways to make the most of your Laotian visit. The golden reclining Buddha near Pha That Luang, Vientiane. Photo: iStock Stroll through Vientiane The easy-going Laotian capital fuses traditional culture and French colonial style, with a few architectural examples from the country's more recent ... Continue Reading

Onboard the Bernina Express, one of the great railway journeys of the world

Travelling by train in Europe, you'll see beautiful landscapes from your window. But for truly spectacular scenery you can't beat Switzerland, home to the world-famous Bernina Express. The Bernina Express passes Lake Bianco, Switzerland. Photo: David Gubler/ Creative Commons Last October I was researching a post on European railpasses for this blog. That was when I first came across the Bernina Express, a journey through the Swiss Alps that is regularly named among the most scenic train ... Continue Reading

How to pack like a pro: 10 top tips

Packing to go away is an artform. Taking just the right amount of clothes and toiletries to have enough choice, but not leave you regretting what you packed the moment you try and lift your bag, takes practice and a little forethought. Here are some tips that might help... Photo: iStock 1. Go mini Instead of dividing your liquids between hand luggage and checked, make it a policy to take 100ml or less of all toiletries. That way you'll avoid accidentally putting that full-sized shave foam, ... Continue Reading

The Best of Santiago: What not to miss in Chile’s capital

With a striking European ambience, Santiago has plenty of surprising reasons to replace a long haul flight to Europe with a shorter 11-hour hop to Chile. If you're travelling on to other parts of South America, here's how to make the most of the city. Santiago, Chile. Photo: iStock Museo Chileno De Arte Precolombino Santiago’s Museum of Pre-Columbian Art is an essential first stop if you’re heading further north to explore the Inca heritage of Machu Picchu in Peru. The museum’s ... Continue Reading

Professional Travel Writer Picks His 5 Favourite Airports

From Asian aviation megahubs to palm-fringed Pacific island airports or simple landing strips in the Panamanian jungle, I've been lucky enough to touch down at a wide variety of airports around the planet. Each time there's always that slightly giddy feeling of landing somewhere new and looking forward to kicking off a new adventure. Here are my picks for my favourite airports around the world. Singapore Despite being one of the world's busiest airports – more than 55 million passengers ... Continue Reading

6 Great Reasons to Visit Ecuador

Tucked into South America's Pacific coast between Peru and Colombia, Ecuador is home to beautifully preserved historic cities and a landscape that encompasses Amazonian jungle, Andean highlands and some of the continent's best beaches. Ecuador is also officially the most biodiverse nation on earth. Visitors can experience fantastic flora and fauna all over the country, but especially in the amazing Galapagos Islands, an Ecuadorean province 1000km offshore. If you're considering a visit, here's ... Continue Reading

Plane etiquette 101: What flight attendants wish you would know!

Aeroplanes are funny places. They bring together a wide cross-section of society with varying opinions on what constitutes polite behaviour. And no one knows this more than the poor flight attendants who often bear the brunt of less than ideal plane manners. We interviewed some of them so we could compile a list of do's and don'ts for travelling by plane. This is what flight attendants wish they could tell you, but are too professional and polite to ever be so direct! Photo: iStock &nbs... Continue Reading

South Beach Stroll: Exploring Miami’s famous beachfront neighbourhood

Some people come for the sun and sand; others for the world-famous architecture or the legendary party scene. They all agree: there's nowhere quite like South Beach, Miami. Ocean Five Hotel on Ocean Drive, South Beach. Photo: iStock   For more than a century, Miami has been one of the United States' favourite sunshine destinations. Little wonder: even in the depths of winter, when most of the country is blanketed in snow, this part of southern Florida remains warm and dry, with the ... Continue Reading

Top 6 tips to posting your first flatlay photo.

Do you want more from your Instagram account? Been there, filtered that, but have you "flatlaid" that?! Why not add another dimension to your account with some flatlay photos. Be in to WIN* a $2500 Flight Centre gift card to spend on your dream holiday! Simply doodle your dream journey on our downloadable scribble map and share a creative Flatlay image to your Instagram account using #FCFlyyourway & mention @flightcentreNZ to enter. Entries close 04 Aug 2016. So what is a flatlay? T... Continue Reading

Choose the best airfare for you

As the airline industry has grown, we have more choice than ever before when it comes to choosing, a ticket. With so many different airlines and cabin classes at your fingertips, we attempt to untangle the mystery so you know which airfare is best for you.   There are many factors that influence the price of an airfare: the flexibility of making changes, if refundable, seating class, self check-in and inclusions; to name a few. A low-cost carrier or budget airline offers an ... Continue Reading

Silver Lake: The Other Los Angeles

When you’re exhausted from theme parks and dazzled from the stars, devote a day to another side of Los Angeles – the brilliantly blended neighbourhood of Silver Lake. Rebecca Zephyr Thomas, whose work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, recently spent time capturing its unique charms in this photo essay.   As a tourist destination Los Angeles’ main attractions are immovable cultural objects known around the world: Hollywood, Disneyland, Venice Beach and Rodeo ... Continue Reading

Top Tips For Combatting Jet lag

Desynchronosis, flight fatigue or circadian rhythm disorder. However we describe jet lag, it really has the potential to ambush the first few days of a holiday. And with New Zealand travellers having to fly longer and further than all other nationalities to Europe and North America, what are the best strategies to manage the symptoms of jet lag, hit the ground running, and maximise your travels?     Timing is everything On arrival, try and stay awake until it's ... Continue Reading

Best time to fly

Do you know why airfare prices are higher during parts of the year, while at other times, you can score a fare for a lower cost? We outline here the factors, seasons and events that can influence the price of your plane ticket. Different seasons, events and factors in different hemispheres can affect airfare prices, although there are some months where demand is consistently high. In December, April, July and September, all destinations around the world share a similar ticket price ... Continue Reading

What it’s like to fly the world’s longest air route – in business class

If you're going to spend more than 17 hours flying Auckland to Dubai direct, why not do it in style? Sharon Stephenson experiences business class on the world's longest flight.     When you live in New Zealand, you get used to spending hours squashed like a sardine into a flying tin can. It's the price you pay for living at the bottom of the world. But what if travelling to Europe, Africa or the Middle East wasn't something to be rushed through as quickly as possible, ... Continue Reading

Under a Tuscan Sun: A Week in Lucca, Italy

Florence, Venice and Rome are worth seeing, but all over Italy there are smaller cities worth a visit too. Alexia Santamaria visits Lucca, a lovely walled city that does double duty as a base for exploring the gorgeous countryside of Tuscany.     There is a magical time in June in Tuscany when the weather is warm but towns aren’t yet flooded with hordes of tourists. I was lucky enough to visit Lucca, just north of Pisa, in that golden period and it was wonderful. If ... Continue Reading

Flying long-haul with a baby – Part 1: Before you fly

Travelling with a baby is no small feat, it requires a lot of planning, a lot of mental strength and the patience of a saint! Sarah Thompson shares her top tips on surviving a long-haul flight with a baby. I am originally from France and we recently went back with my 9-month old baby girl so she could finally meet her grandparents for the first time. Our first flight was 10 hours long from Auckland to Hong Kong and our second flight was over 12 hours from Hong Kong to Paris. Oh and ... Continue Reading

Costa Rica: where wildlife meets tropical paradise

 On a flying visit to Costa Rica's Pacific coast, Alexia Santamaria discovers exotic wildlife, beautiful beaches and some really good mojitos.     It's hard to define the phrase “pura vida” – which it seems you hear in Costa Rica every 10 minutes or so – but it has the feel of a Kiwi “no worries” or “sweet as”. And indeed nothing seems to be a worry in Costa Rica. The people are friendly and laid back and, while I know looks can be deceiving, it certainly ... Continue Reading