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The Don’t Miss Dish: Fugazzeta pizza, Buenos Aires

With two-thirds of Argentinians claiming some Italian ancestry, it's no surprise that the country is loco for pizza. But on its long journey from Naples to Buenos Aires, pizza has undergone an exceedingly cheesy transformation, finds Catherine McGregor.   Everyone knows you go to Buenos Aires to eat beef. Juicy, fat-marbled beef served straight from the parrilla (grill) is as much a part of Argentinean culture as tango and red wine. But while you wouldn't know it to read some ... Continue Reading

You say bagel, I say beigel: Brick Lane Beigel Bake, London’s greatest bagel store.

The East End is less a location than a state of mind. Anyone can cross its borders (the City's gleaming towers to the west and the drab River Lea to the east, though the precise boundaries are up for debate), but that doesn't mean you've arrived. You go to East London; you're born in the East End. For many years I lived in the heart of the putative East End, not far from the pub where Ronnie Kray shot George Cornell at point-blank range one winter's night in 1966. Every morning I'd pass ... Continue Reading

How to do Summer in New York

Six weeks ago, Catherine McGregor abandoned New Zealand’s rain and cold for the New York heat. Here's what she's learned so far about spending summer in the city. It's really, really hot We're still recovering from a recent fortnight of unbroken 30+ degree temperatures, including a couple of days at over 35. Even when the mercury dips slightly, the thick mid-summer humidity can make walking more than a few blocks a sticky-shirted nightmare. Free events are everywhere From Memorial ... Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Oktoberfest

Sixteen days of beer, bratwurst and Bavarian babes: what's not to like? Oktoberfest started life as a party to celebrate Crown Prince Ludwig's marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen more than 200 years ago, and grew into the world's most famous beer festival. Despite it's international renown, Oktoberfest retains a distinctly local character: you'll see people of all ages wearing traditional Bavarian dress and singing the same folk songs their parents and grandparents sang, as ... Continue Reading

Where to Eat on Sydney’s Coogee to Bondi Walk

Flying in from the east, the expansive white-sand beaches that frame Sydney’s eastern suburbs are a sight to behold. The walk along that same coastline, between bustling Coogee beach and Bondi, its bigger and bolder counterpart, is a well-known Sydney must-do for visitors and locals alike. On clear weekend mornings throughout the year you’ll see a lot of designer exercise gear and fluro shoes on this stretch of the Sydney coastline. Walking is great, and with a beach view it’s ... Continue Reading

Hwange National Park: A Central African Jewel

Zimbabwe has some of the most dramatic landscapes in southern Africa, including the awesome Victoria Falls, but it's the stunningly diverse and abundant wildlife that makes this such a fascinating country to visit. There's no better place to experience wild Zimbabwe than at Hwange National Park, once the hunting grounds of Zulu warrior-king Mzilikazi, now a vast refuge for African game, including elephants, lions, and giraffes. Other reasons to visit? It's one of Africa's most under-the-radar ... Continue Reading

The Six Best Reasons to Visit an Australian City this September

With the Film Festival finished for another year and winter still on full blast, New Zealand's culture lovers could be forgiven for feeling just a little bit depressed. Sounds like the perfect excuse to plan a visit to Australia, where arts calendars are bursting with must-see exhibitions, performances and festivals. Below, our pick of September events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.   Sydney  Art and About Festival Sydney's annual festival of art in unusual places ... Continue Reading

Beach Life: Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Where is it and how do I get there Phu Quoc may be Vietnam's largest island, but at 43km end to end, it's small enough to get around easily by car, motorcycle or mountain bike. The tear-shaped land mass is actually nearer to the Cambodian coast than to mainland Vietnam – hence the army base stationed on this long-disputed territory – but it's just half an hour by air from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam's south. Between Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar and local budget airline VietAir Jet, there are ... Continue Reading

The Best Under-the-Radar Attractions in Paris

It's your third visit to Paris and you've already ticked off the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay and the Sacré-Coeur. Or it's your first time, but if you get stuck behind another American tour group you're going to scream. Whatever the reason, it's always a good idea to get off the beaten track every once in a while – like at these charming, but little-known, Paris attractions. The Conciergerie Originally built as a palace for France's medieval kings, this vast building on the western end ... Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Portland’s 600 Food Carts

Visiting Portland and keen to check out some food carts? With more than 600 mobile food vendors in a city just a third the size of Auckland, you'll want to be organised. Study up, sketch out a plan of attack and, above all, stay calm: panic and you risk losing your appetite, which could fatally undermine your ability tick off every cart on your list. Alternatively, you can throw caution to the wind and dive in head first. Wherever you end up, there are delicious – and often mind-bendingly ... Continue Reading

Five Great Bangkok Cocktail Bars

From basement drinking dens to vertigo-inducing rooftop lounges, Bangkok is home to some of the world's greatest bars. We pick five of the best. Above Eleven “An abstract art installation of a park experience” is how Above Eleven, a 33rd floor sky bar on the roof of the Fraser Suites, describes itself. Located in the popular nightlife destination of Sukhumvit Soi 11, tables here are arranged under tree-like metal structures, interspersed with patches of grass and lots of wood with ... Continue Reading

Welcome to Max Key’s Maui

Thanks to a certain viral video, the Hawaiian island of Maui is experiencing an upsurge of interest from Kiwis seeking some of that Max-and-Amelia magic. But you don't need to be ultra-rich to experience Maui: flights to Hawaii are more affordable than ever and accommodation on the island is available at every price point. And, of course, Maui's very best attractions – those glorious beaches – cost nothing at all. The West Coast The Key house is located in Wailea, an exclusive ... Continue Reading

Best Beaches in Thailand

Thailand boasts some of the top beaches in the world. It may be hard to pick a top one, but you know it will be breathe-taking when you visit. Read below for some of our top beach picks for Thailand and imagine yourself there walking barefoot down the soft sand towards the immaculate water. Thailand Beach   Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh Famous for being the backdrop to the movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio, The Beach, Maya Bay is as picturesque as it gets. From towering cliffs ... Continue Reading

The 10 Benefits of River Cruising

This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia by Ashton Rigg. The tides are changing when it comes to cruise holidays, with many travellers swapping the open seas for an intimate riverscape. River cruises have become the journey du jour for holidaymakers seeking the three Ls: leisure, luxury and landscapes guaranteed to give their cameras a workout. So, why choose a river cruise over a traditional ocean-bound voyage, or add one to your existing itinerary? Here are 10 benefits ... Continue Reading

Queensland’s Great Beach Drive is Your New Goal

This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia by Ashton Rigg. There are road trips, and there is the Great Beach Drive. Instead of endless stretches of boring bitumen, the road ahead is paved with golden sand. Rather than stopping at servos to fuel up on lukewarm pies, you can pull off, cast a line and reel in a fresh catch for lunch. You can set up camp wherever your heart desires, or map out your journey to include overnighters at B&Bs in the heart of the Hinterland or ... Continue Reading

8 Reasons to Say Hi to Mackay, Queensland

This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia. Mackay is one of those places that grows on you. At first you might not even be aware of its existence, but once you’ve had a taste of that sweet, laidback lifestyle you’ll start to ‘get it’. Mackay promises plenty of natural highs, from rock-hopping around secluded gorges to waking at sunrise and unzipping your tent to find a mob  of wallabies bounding along the beach. Get acquainted with Central Queensland in this big ... Continue Reading

Road Trippin’ Tropical North Queensland

This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia. The Sunshine State shows off its good side in the Tropical North, where back-to-back World Heritage landscapes spill onto luxury eco resorts, flourishing farmland and wilderness primed for the intrepid traveller. Queensland delivers an ever-changing world outside your car window, definitely worth stopping to explore further. This round trip will help guide you to some of Tropical North Queensland’s must-see sights. CAIRNS TO ... Continue Reading

Gold Coast Theme Park Survival Guide

This blog originally appeared on No other time on the calendar signals theme park time than summer school holidays. The knockout combination of time off from the everyday shackles of the school bell (and work emails) coupled with sunny days and, well, awesome Christmas pressies (like theme park tickets, perhaps?) equals a day out the whole family will enjoy. Once you’ve figured out which theme park is for you, check out these handy hints for making the most of your day ... Continue Reading

City Scoop: Gold Coast

This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia. The Gold Coast has established itself as one of the most popular east-coast destinations in Australia. Visitors tend to know the main features that make it so attractive; the exhilarating theme parks, incredible wildlife experiences and sun-soaked beaches. However, there’s so much more that makes this part of Queensland a must-visit spot on any itinerary. We chat to one in-the-know about their top tips on where to eat, drink and ... Continue Reading

The 5 Best Day Trips from Brisbane

This post originally appeared on Flight Centre Australia.   More rental cars leave Brisbane Airport than any other airport in Australia. True story, and the numbers don’t lie: the Sunshine State capital really is the perfect hub for highway warriors. In one direction, the glittering Gold Coast cityscape calls for you to replace those driving moccasins with dancin’ shoes. To the north, the mega-chill Sunshine Coast towns egg you on to go barefoot along the beach. From ... Continue Reading