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Top Five New Perth & Fremantle Restaurants

New Zealand travellers are more familiar with the restaurant scenes in Sydney and Melbourne, but the capital of Western Australia and the nearby port city of Fremantle are also exciting dining destinations. Here's our pick of the best of recent openings. Long Chim A longtime resident of ... Continue Reading

Flying With Kids: 15 Ways to Make it Easier

Travelling with kids is often a challenge (to put it gently), unless you are lucky enough to be one of those rare parents with constantly well-behaved angels. A quick flight over the ditch can be lots of fun but long-hauls can be a test of patience for everyone. Changes in environment, air pressu... Continue Reading

Top reasons to visit Tahiti

Tahiti is one of those places we associate with the exotic. In the depths of winter it’s where you fantasize about being - cocktail in hand, contemplating your next swim in crystal clear waters. And actually the pictures don’t lie; Tahiti is a piece of paradise comprised of 118 islands and ... Continue Reading

Beyond Bali: Exploring the island of Gili Trawangan in Lombok, Indonesia

The island archipelago known as the Gilis are one of the most popular destinations in Lombok, the region of Indonesia that many call 'the unspoilt Bali'. Alexia Santamaria goes exploring on the biggest island of the group, Gili Trawangan. As we disembarked the boat at the island of Gili ... Continue Reading

Top things to do in Sydney in summer

Sydney is a wonderful place to visit any time of year, but in summer it's truly at its resplendent best – gorgeous white sand beaches, beautiful gardens, great places to grab a bite and lots of stylish bars to enjoy something long and cool while drinking in those gorgeous rays of Sydney sun. ... Continue Reading

How to pack like a pro: 10 top tips

Packing to go away is an artform. Taking just the right amount of clothes and toiletries to have enough choice, but not leave you regretting what you packed the moment you try and lift your bag, takes practice and a little forethought. Here are some tips that might help... Photo: iStock 1. Go ... Continue Reading

Plane etiquette 101: What flight attendants wish you would know!

Aeroplanes are funny places. They bring together a wide cross-section of society with varying opinions on what constitutes polite behaviour. And no one knows this more than the poor flight attendants who often bear the brunt of less than ideal plane manners. We interviewed some of them so we ... Continue Reading

Under a Tuscan Sun: A Week in Lucca, Italy

Florence, Venice and Rome are worth seeing, but all over Italy there are smaller cities worth a visit too. Alexia Santamaria visits Lucca, a lovely walled city that does double duty as a base for exploring the gorgeous countryside of Tuscany.     There is a magical time in ... Continue Reading

Costa Rica: where wildlife meets tropical paradise

 On a flying visit to Costa Rica's Pacific coast, Alexia Santamaria discovers exotic wildlife, beautiful beaches and some really good mojitos.     It's hard to define the phrase “pura vida” – which it seems you hear in Costa Rica every 10 minutes or so – but it has the ... Continue Reading

A free tram tour of Melbourne’s best restaurants

What's better than Melbourne's world-famous tram network? Travelling on it for free. Alexia Santamaria takes a culinary tour of the Melbourne CBD free tram zone. On the first of January last year Melbourne became an even better city to visit. The free tram zone expanded to include the area ... Continue Reading

Satay City: Where to Eat in Kuala Lumpur

The best city in Asia for eating? That's a tough one, but Alexia Santamaria thinks she might have found a winner: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's street food capital.   If you are obsessed about food, as I am, Kuala Lumpur will feel like home. While back in New Zealand you may be dismissed as a food ... Continue Reading

The Glory of Switzerland

Looking for the perfect Swiss experience – gondolas, cow bells, chocolate and all? Alexia Santamaria recommends a certain hillside not far from Lucerne. When you think about Switzerland, certain icons come to mind: mountains, cow bells, chocolate, cheese, cobblestoned villages, chalets. On ... Continue Reading

Eating My Way Around Norfolk Island

"There's more to Norfolk Island" initially seemed like a slightly obscure slogan, but after visiting this delightful piece of paradise 90 minutes' flight from Auckland, I totally understand what they mean. Once dismissed as a playground for the over-60s crowd, Norfolk has undergone enormous ... Continue Reading

Fantasy Island: Discovering Unspoilt Niue

  When most people think of Pacific Islands, they envisage long white sandy beaches and huge water's edge resorts serving fruity cocktails. That doesn't really apply to Niue. In fact if you knew nothing about this very special place you might wonder why people go there at all. A drive ... Continue Reading