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Types of cruise Sship

Types of cruises

From the really big cruise ships to small cruise ships and everything in between; from warm waters to glaciers; from four nights to four months - the cruising world is your oyster. The first step to choosing your ideal cruise holiday, is deciding whether you're more concerned about the cruise destination or the type of holiday itself.


Types of cruise holidays

To help you choose from the types of cruise holiday available, we've compiled a list of the main types of cruise vessel in operation.

» Big ships
» Small ships
» River boats
» Yachts, sailing
» Paddle steamers
» Ferries

Big cruise ships

When you think 'cruise', this is probably what first comes to mind. These cruise ships are BIG, often carrying up to or over 3000 passengers on one journey. They are much like floating hotels, offering all the facilities you could possibly need on an all-inclusive holiday: pools, shopping arcades, theatres, gyms, spas, playrooms, nightclubs, bars... and some of them even have extras such as wave pools and rock climbing walls! Take your cruise ship through lovely locales such as the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe, or perhaps set out on a grand transoceanic voyage from England to Australia on your ocean liner.

Small cruise ships

As a general rule, small cruise ships carry fewer than 500 passengers and offer a more personal and intimate style than big ships. The main advantage is that you get to have a much closer look at your destination: small ships can take you where large ships can't. Take your small ship to the Mediterranean, the Baltic, New Zealand, Latin America, Iceland, Greenland, the British Isles, Alaska, the Bahamas, Egypt, Fiji and more.

Europe's river boats

Plying your way through Europe's famous waterways is a wonderful alternative to taking a coach tour or doing a self-drive. Your cabin is your hotel and it almost always enjoys a location in the heart of town, as you travel from one village to another in style. Virtually all of Europe's history took place on the banks of its mighty rivers. Cruise the Danube, the Rhine, the Seine, the Douro and more. Choices range from luxury to budget.

Yachts, sailing or bareboating

If you're more into the whisper of the wind through the sails than the humming of the engine between ports, then perhaps a sailing trip is for you. This is about small groups with personalised service. Sail your way down the Nile in Egypt, take a gullet in turkey or watch the Greek islands slowly slip by. And if you really want to let loose on the seas as master of your own horizon, take to the wheel on a bareboat charter yacht.

Paddle steamers

For a cruise back in time, why not jump on a paddle steamer? Driven by a steam engine, these watercraft use one or more paddle wheels to propel them through the water. The paddle wheel was the first form of mechanical propulsion for a boat. Paddle your way down the Mississippi, along the Murray River from Adelaide or cruise 'doon the water' on the West Coast of Scotland.


If you're still developing your desire to cruise, why not start out with something smaller? Ferry trips can be a good way of getting a feel for the seas, in a solid boat, for a short distance. Cross the strait from the North to the South island, ferry from Victoria to Tasmania in Australia or set your sights for the Moroccan coastline on a trip from the south of Spain.

One more thing to consider...

In choosing the right cruise holiday for you, there are a few things to consider. Are you after a senior cruise? A family cruise? A cruise for singles or couples? Are you chasing a budget adventure or luxury? Cruises come in all shapes and sizes, so contact your Flight Centre consultant for help choosing the best options for you.
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