Ten Top Tips for Conquering Rome

Tue, 25/10/2011 - 8:19pm
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Planning a European Holiday? If Italy is on your itinerary, then you're likely to be visiting Rome.  Before you head off to see the ancient sights of Rome, consider these Ten Top Tips from Flight Centre travel expert Moana McRae, and find out how to get the most of your time in Rome. 

1. Stay central in Rome
It’s easier to get around and cuts back on travelling time and associated costs.

2. Pre-book as many components as possible
Rome is a tourist trap and communicating can be challenging.


3. Do the hop on hop off tour
Get your bearings on the first day and prepare for the masses.

4. Buy water and food on side streets
Close to main sights you will pay a premium.

5. Carry less
Use a money pouch on the front of your chest (inside your clothing) and hide your camera.

Rome - Trevi Fountain

6. Avoid contact with locals
Be aware that not just beggars, but also sellers, children on their own, and mothers with babies all take advantage of the Rome tourist.

7. Dress for comfort
Always wear comfy walking shoes and cool clothes. It gets hot in summer.

8. Carry coins for Toilets
Be prepared to pay to use the bathroom.


9. Rome wasn’t built in a Day
So don’t expect to see the sights in one day either.

10. Stop, and take it all in
Take lots of photos, but don’t forget to stop and take in everything around you!

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