Our Story

Formed in the hazy, free-wheeling days of the 70s by two vets, Flight Centre began life as a double-decker bus called Argus. Australian 23-year-old Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner lands in the UK for the ‘must do’ Australian thing of seeing Europe and gets a job as a vet, which is what he had trained to do. Skroo soon gets bored and goes into partnership with his friend Geoff ‘Spy’ Lomas. They buy a double-decker bus to run tours around Europe for their Aussie mates. The first double-decker bus is purchased in Yorkshire and christened ‘Argus’; Topdeck Travel is born.

In early 1980’s Skroo and some of the other directors from Topdeck Travel decide to set up a travel agency in Sydney based on the discounted airfare model he had seen in London. By 1990, Flight Centre opened 80 shops across Australia and New Zealand.

Unsurprisingly, a lot has happened since Argus the bus embarked on his first tour. Here in New Zealand, we opened the doors to our first Flight Centre store in 1987 and is now home to 8 brands covering a huge area of sectors, from corporate travel to the youth and adventure markets. But watch this space – our businesses continue to grow!

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