When is the best time to travel to Christchurch

New Zealand does have distinctly seasonal weather, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when thinking about the best time to travel to Christchurch. That said, no matter what the weather in Christchurch is doing, there’s always plenty going on to satisfy your wanderlust.  Expect weather that’s warm and dry enough for you to hit the beach or enjoy a hike without being rained on during the summer months. Retire to the city’s many galleries on a rainy autumn afternoon or a brisk winter’s day.

What is Summer like in Christchurch?

Widely considered the best time to travel to Christchurch, summer is a time of sunshine but also very mild temperatures. The temperature rarely rises above 20°C and drops to cooler levels during the evening. This is due to Christchurch's location. Summer is the time to go if you're hoping to make trips to the beach and many parks. Appropriate clothing: Shirts and shorts for the day, but warmer clothing once the sun drops Don't forget: Sunscreen and hats – the temperature may be mild but UV is still a factor

What is Autumn like in Christchurch?

The Christchurch temperature remains consistent until late autumn. It only begins to drop around mid-April before settling into colder temperatures by late May and June. Lower temperatures bring wetter weather, so while still reasonably sunny and mild during autumn, prepare for some rain showers and plan a few indoor activities. Appropriate clothing: Jeans or shorts on a good day, t-shirts or lightweight long-sleeved tops Don't forget: Your Metrocard and an umbrella, in case your plans change due to rain

What is Winter like in Christchurch?

Known for long bouts of rainfall, winter in Christchurch is one of the region's wettest seasons. The temperature has now hit its lowest point with highs of around 7°C to 8°C. If visiting during winter, be ready to make the most of the cosy Christchurch cafes and galleries. Appropriate clothing: Waterproof clothing and plenty of layers to keep warm Don't forget: An umbrella

What is Spring like in Christchurch?

Spring is a time when the beautiful New Zealand green comes roaring back to life and the whole city is a riot of colour. Expect a spike in the rain levels before it backs off again by late September. From here, the strength of the sun returns and temperatures begin to climb up towards summer highs. As the mildest of all Christchurch seasons, this is a great time to get outdoors. Appropriate clothing: Shorts and t-shirts for milder days, but jeans and jackets may still be required Don't forget: Umbrella and sunglasses – it can get bright in spring