Part of the largest internationally protected biosphere reserve in the world, Glacier Bay, in south-eastern Alaska, features numerous inlets where you can gasp in excitement as huge tidewater glaciers plunge theatrically into the icy fjords below. Minke and orca whales regularly frolic in the waters and rare glacier bears forage for food along the gravel beaches.

To dock, cruise boats use the marina located at Barlett Cove.

Sights to See

A naturalist's heaven, activities include kayaking, canoeing and hiking. During summer, park guides lead expeditions through the reserve pointing out the unique flora and eagerly spot roaming animals - so have your camera at the ready.

What's for Lunch

Being a protected reserve, thankfully there's no infrastructure. We think savouring a glass of your favourite bubbly is the best way to toast the awesome power of a glacier calving into the water below.

If you see only one thing...

Captain Cook, of 1770 Botany Bay fame, named the tallest mountain in Glacier Bay, Mount Fairweather. Given the Bay's climate, there can be no harm praying for fair weather to see its peak.

Local speak

With over 200 birds calling the Bay home, you could attempt to mimic their sounds and see what happens.


Without tourist shops, perhaps your memento of Alaska cruises could be the boat ticket to remind you of your priceless memories.