Named after the successful gold prospector, Joe Juneau, today the true riches of Juneau lie in its picturesque location and the incredible opportunity to spot wildlife including porpoises, sea lions, harbour seals, sea otters and mountain goats.

Boats drop anchor at the South Franklin Street Dock, a new large cruise facility just south of central Juneau.

Sights to See

Located in the Tongass National Forest, the Mendenhall Glacier lies only 19km from downtown Juneau and makes an ideal day trip. Learn more about the unique environment with a guide who'll help you spot red squirrels, porcupines and beavers. Alternatively hike up the six-mile, 3,819-foot ascent of Mount Roberts or give your feet a rest and take the tramway direct to the top for a fantastic view.

What's for Lunch

Through the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council you can arrange a 'Taste of Local Culture,' where a delicious meal is prepared by an Alaskan family in their home.

If you see only one thing...

Take the short 15 mile boat trip to Admiralty Island, a designated wilderness preserve to spot sitka spruce and if you're really lucky, a black bear.

Local speak

Inherited from the gold rush days, a "cheechako" is a newcomer to the region.


Pick up some locally-produced glacial silt soap that is sure to leave your skin feeling soft, supple and highly desirable.