Situated on the south-western side of Revillagigedo Island, Ketchikan is a southern Alaskan town close to the Canadian province of British Columbia. Throughout the latter half of the twentieth century, the town's industry concentrated around the Ketchikan Pulp Company. Today however, fishing and tourism are significant drivers of Ketchikan's economy – the city is known as the salmon capital of the world and is responsible for exporting the famed wild Alaskan salmon. Ketchikan is built along a steep hillside, with sections of the town built over the water on pilings.

Cruise liners dock along the Ketchikan waterfront.

Sights to See

In town, have a stroll along the historic Creek Street before exploring the Totem Heritage Centre and the Tongass Historical Museum. However the real reason to visit the region is the natural beauty, so take a trip to the nearby Misty Fjords National Monument - one of the world's great protected wilderness areas where grizzly and black bears roam the stunning rainforest vegetation. Also consider hiking through the Tongass National Forest or going on a salmon fishing excursion.

What's for Lunch

This is the heart of the wild Alaskan salmon export industry. So it would be remiss not to order fish.

If you see only one thing...

Ketchikan features the largest collection of totem poles in the world. Admire the artistry at the City of Saxman, Totem Bight State Park and the Totem Heritage Centre.

Local speak

Alaskan sneakers are fishing waders that cover your leg, hip or chest.


Ketchikan boasts a thriving local art scene. So have a browse through the galleries to select your perfect piece of art.