Mississippi River Cruising Season

The Mississippi has enjoyed a resurgence as a popular river cruise destination, reflecting its significance in the psyche of the American populace. With the Winter freeze rendering parts of the river unnavigable and Summer heralding often blistering temperatures, the best times to cruise the Mississippi River are the Spring and Autumn months respectively.

Major Mississippi River Destinations


Aptly named after the ancient Egyptian city on the Nile, the historic city of Memphis is one of the Mississippi River's most enduring destinations. A city steeped in music, Memphis is one of the cornerstones of the American music industry and played a leading role in the development of the Blues. It's also a quintessential river city, with countless picturesque paddleboats still plying this section of river today.

St Louis

One of the Mississippi River's major ports, the former fur-trading city of St Louis is these days one of the largest cities in the American Midwest. It's also a city steeped in Mississippi River culture, from the Gateway Arch which towers above the west bank of the river, to the abundant parklands dotted around the fringes of the river on what was once open prairie land.

New Orleans

One of America's most eclectic cities, New Orleans is also one of the Mississippi River's most picturesque destinations. Home to a unique French-Creole culture, an inimitable Mardi Gras celebration and more jazz clubs than you can point a trumpet at, New Orleans remains a favourite stop on many Mississippi River cruises.