Seine River Cruising Seasons

Though the river is navigable all year round, the best time to cruise the Seine is arguably in October and early November, when the hordes of tourists have dissipated and the river's many bridges reflect the filtered Autumn light.

Major Seine River Destinations


Historic capital of Normandy, the medieval city of Rouen is located some 135 kilometres from Paris. Once one of Europe's most important cities, the Seine meanders lackadaisically through this ancient town, offering up glimpses of the stunning Rouen Cathedral which towers over the landscape and affording a relaxing way to explore this sedate northern town.

Le Havre

Located at the mouth of the Seine on the English Channel, the maritime city of Le Havre has long been considered one of the gateways to Paris. This important port city sits opposite neighbouring Honfleur on the right bank of the Seine, and though Le Havre – which literally means "the harbour" – is renowned as a working city, it's also a picturesque starting point for many Seine River cruises.


The jewel in the crown of every Seine River cruise is undoubtedly the French capital Paris. This vibrant, vivacious city is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations and a cruise through the heart of the city is one of the most popular things to do in Paris. Popular sights along the way include Notre Dame, the Tuileries Garden and the countless bridges which criss-cross this stunning section of European waterway.