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Best Time to Fly -  Australia

Generally the most popular time to travel to the Islands or Australia are during the New Zealand winter from May to September. Travelling out of those peak months could mean a cheaper flight or accommodation.


Best Time to Fly - The Islands

Expert Tips 

Book Flights Ahead of Time 
Winter months and school holidays are considered popular travel seasons for Australia and the Islands, it is highly recommended to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Family Priority Boarding 
If you are a family that likes to board first in order to prepare the space around you, airlines often allow families with young children to board the plane before others. Some airlines even allow those families to board before Business Class!

New Zealand citizens don't generally need a visa to enter the Islands, Australia and Bali. Though your passport will need a minimum of six months validity when entering. Hawaii does require an ESTA or visa to enter the United States.

In-flight Meals
Some airlines include just your seat and a bag; there's usually an onboard shop for purchases. However this can be limited to crisps, chocolate, snacks and sandwiches - eat before you fly or take snacks to be more cost effective and keep the little ones happy. 


Best Time to Fly

Asia is a huge continent of different regions each with their own weather patterns and micro climates. So think about whether you prefer heat, or cooler weather; think about why you are going - local culture, historical sights, trekking - and what the optimum conditions are to enjoy that. Consider crowds, too. May and September is the best time to visit North Asia, the temperature is pleasant during this time and the weather conditions are mostly stable making it easier to travel. 


Expert Tips

Check Visa Requirements & Be Prepared

Several Southeast Asian countries require that your passport has at least six months' of validity left, or a specific number of empty pages - and requirements seem to be constantly changing. Also, be sure to grab a couple of extra entrance and exit forms each time you enter a country; if you end up leaving and re-entering that country by bus, boat or train, having the correct forms handy will enable you to save time you would otherwise spend in line. 

Travelling with Children 

Southeast Asia can be a wonderful place to travel with children. Children are warmly welcomed in restaurants and other public places. Dedicated children menu's are rarely available, but most countries offer simple dishes such as fried rice and grilled chicken that will appeal to less adventurous palates. Thailand is far and away the most child-friendly destination in Southeast Asia, but Malaysia and the Philippines also have a good family-friendly beach options. 


Remember to be modest in traditional areas of Asia. Though fashions are changing in urban centres, modesty is still important especially in Muslim-dominated countries. Avoid baring too much skin in general - avoid topless sunbathing and cover up when visiting religious buildings. Remove shoes when entering religious buildings and certain businesses. If there's a pile of shoes at the door, be sure to follow suit. 

Save More & Book Early

Getting in early means more flight options, less stress and great itineraries. You will have the pick of the bunch if you can beat everyone to the punch.


Best Time to Fly - North America and Canada 

With huge landmass and diverse topography, the weather varies significantly across North America. In the northern US and Canada, the winters bring snow and frosty temperatures, in contrast to the southern states where the winters are milder and the summers are warm and lovely. 



Best Time to Fly - South America 



Expert Tips


Download a Currency Converter - North America & Canada

If you've never travelled to North America before, it's easy to forget that USD and CAD are not the same currency, and the exchange rate between each currency and others are very different. To keep track of your spending, it's also a good idea to download a currency converter app onto your phone. This way, you can check the price of items and activities before purchasing to check if they fit in your holiday budget, as well as working out how much you have to spend throughout your trip. 

Brush up on your knowledge of tipping etiquette

This is essential. How much do you tip your cab drivers? Or hotel doormen? Or your masseuse? Or the waiter? Tipping in the US and Canada is a minefield of potential errors and embarrassment, with local variations to add to the confusion - the only way through is to do your research beforehand. And if in doubt, ask someone for help. 

Follow the Festivals 

If you want to party while visiting South America, follow the continent's iconic festivals, many of which are known the world over. Brazil's, the largest in the world, is well worth planning a trip around thanks to week long parties, extravagant parades and lavish costumes. 

Tips for surviving a long flight

Power up. Make sure you have all your chargers with you so that you can keep all your gadgets powered up throughout your flight.

Wear comfortable clothes

Don't forget your eye mask 

Bring earplugs 

Noise-cancelling headphones & soft music


Best Time to Fly

Generally, ideal times to visit Europe are May, June and September, when prices are reasonable. Crowds are smaller; the weather is typically agreeable during those months as well. 

Top Tip! As a general rule of thumb, summer in Europe equals to perfect weather. But it also means alot of crowds (meaning long lines) and an exodus of locals. In terms of budget, it has high accommodation prices. Winter means freezing temperatures and short days. Spring and Autmn are probably the best times to travel. Enjoy fewer crowds and better prices as the weather isn't too hot or too cold. Just right for a holiday of exploring. 


Expert Tips 


Seat Preference 

Don't forget to pre-select your seat before you check in. Where you choose to sit will depend on personal preference. As aisle seats means you are unhibited to get up and stretch or use the bathrooms, while a window seat provides fewer interruptions so sleeping is easier. 

Avoiding jetlag 

Travelling to the other side of the world can bring on Jetlag, here are some tips to avoid it. Travel as if you're in the time zone of your destination, drink plenty of water on the flight and rest as much as possible while flying. When booking try for a flight that arrives in the morning/daylight as it will be easier to adjust to your new time zone. 

Taste of Europe

Start your UK/Europe trip by flying into London, ride the London Eye, tour the Tower of London, ride the Underground and even take a double-decker bus tour through the city. End your trip by travelling by Chunnel to Paris and spend as much time exploring this marvellous city before departing back home. 

Travel with a Tour

There's no question that Europe is an amazing place to visit. With Europe being multi-lingual, it can present many logistical chellenges for inexperienced travellers. Think about booking your holiday with a tour company. With accommodation, travel and sightseeing logistics thaken care of, you will be able to relax and travel Europe without the stress of having to organise everything yourself.

Best Time to Fly 

Flying to South Africa in October is usually considered the best time to fly. However, you will find other deals are always available year round. January tends to be the warmest period in South Africa, so if you are looking for sun or warmer climates then look to fly around this time. 



Expert Tips 


Triple Check Your Visa Requirements 

New Zealand passport holders require a visa to enter South Africa. Applications must be made in person at one of two South Africa Visa Application Centres, located in Wellington and Auckland. All applicants over 18 years of age need to attend the interview. Parents can sign for and represent children under 18. 

Clothes & Other Wearables

Dull and faded clothes are mostly preferred when you are out exploring wild Africa. The national parks of South Africa are known to have plenty of wildlife in their vast jungles. When you are walking into the kingdom of animals you must be dressed as they prefer. Animals get turned off by flashy colours. Therefore it's advised to wear modest clothes faded in appearance. Off-white and khakis are mostly preferred. Carry a hat, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and insect repellent creams when you go on a jungle safari. 


Try to use only metered, or alternatively download the Uber app before you go. Taxis are very cheap so if you are in a restaurant or hotel, ask them to order one for you to ensure no price issues. If you get into a taxi without a meter, make sure to agree a set price before you go. Haggling is expected and don't be afraid to walk away!

Weather at Night

South Africa is cold at night in June and July. To make sure you're warm; take flannel pyjamas and socks for sleeping. Most hotels, even the expensive international ones, do not have central heating (just a window unit), single pane glass and poor insulation. 




Tips for Avoiding Jetlag 

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