Delectable cuisines, glorious sunshine and incredible history; Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean are full of wonder and delights. From man-made ancient monuments, to natural hidden beaches and glistening blue water holes, Mexico is a captivating country to explore. The Caribbean, including the culture-rich Cuba, is a collection of diverse and tropical countries renowned for stunning never-ending beaches and picturesque landscapes.




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The unique fusion of lively culture, heritage and traditions make Mexico an enthralling country to visit. Home to vibrant fiestas, colourful piñatas and the extravagant Day of the Dead, Mexico has a captivating atmosphere that will leave you in awe. With strong influence from ancient civilizations such as the Aztec, Teotihuacan, Zapotec and Mayan people, there are an abundance of magnificent archaeological sites and customs that are still prevalent today.

Mexican food is world-famous for its mouth-watering combination of flavours from chili, beans and corn. The cuisine plays a major role in the festivities of Mexico and although different regions vary on their authentic spices, popular dishes still remain as tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas.

Mexico is also renowned for its diverse and breath-taking landscapes, from long-stretching, sugary sand beaches to idyllic rainforests. A natural wonder of terracotta cliff faces soaring above the valley floor is the Copper Canyon, a series of six canyons regarded as one of the biggest in the world.

Located throughout the Yucatan Peninsula are jaw-dropping Cenotes which are naturally formed swimming holes in majestic caves. The emerald clear waters are home to an abundance of marine life, and provide a stunning scene to relax and rejuvenate.


Cigars, tobacco fields, colourful architecture and vintage cars are all synonymous with Cuba. This beautiful island is full of charming character; from the vivacious salsa dance to the more laid back vibes of the many palm-fringed beaches.

Named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Havana has maintained many buildings from the original city including historical forts and museums. Cobble-stoned plazas are framed by pastel hues and alleyways are lined with bright classic cars. Many of the structures showcase intricate and elaborate designs, the San Cristobal cathedral is no different; an impressive site boasting Cuban Baroque architecture.

The city of Trinidad is nestled at the centre of Cuba and is another magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting Trinidad is like stepping back in time, a Spanish colonial settlement that is both enchanting and inviting. After relishing the fascinating history, head to one of Cuba’s best beaches, Playa Ancón, or find adventure in the Escambray Mountains.

Set at a different pace, Santa Clara is a trend-setting city, full of modernity and youthful culture. The alluring city is also home to the famous Che Guevara Mausoleum, a memorial site with strong cultural significance in remembrance of the Cuban revolution.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a collection of over 700 islands creating a balmy paradise of sunshine, turquoise waves and pearl-sand beaches. Although collectively known for their scenic palm-tree coastlines and tropical warmth, the islands differ considerably in landscape, culture, and activities.

From the picture-perfect archipelago creating an array of underwater colours for snorkelers and divers alike in the Bahamas, to the deep green forests and towering mountains for adventure-seekers in the Dominican Republic, there are engrossing experiences for every traveller. Enjoy the spicy cuisine, urban culture and exuberant dancing in Jamaica, or discover luxury and romance in St Lucia.

Caribbean cuisine varies throughout the different countries dependant on their cultural influences and heritage. Jerk chicken is one of Jamaica’s national dishes that uses a spicy and traditional Jamaican jerk seasoning to marinate meat. Seafood is also very common in the Caribbean with each country offering many delectable treats and unique delicacies, such as the flying fish and cou-cou in Barbados.

Whether you are looking for a pristine and undiscovered beach to lounge in the sun, or want to explore lush rainforest in search of cascading waterfalls, the Caribbean will leave you with a myriad of sensational memories.

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