Show Deals and Flyers

Our shows create an opportunity for you to showcase your product and brand direct to qualified buyers. This format gives you a unique opportunity to demonstrate products, answer questions, overcome objections and - most importantly - build relationships with potential customers.
Show deals
Exhibitors who participate in a Flight Centre travel show are required to offer exclusive 'show only' exclusive packages and discounts. Our customers attend our shows with the expectation of an exceptional deal. We ask that you help us deliver on that expectation.
Submitting deals and producing flyers
If you contract or deal with Infinity Holidays directly, please contact the appropriate product manager. 
2017 Midyear Expo Documents:
Air Product
The following supplier documents are coming soon. In the interim, any queries please contact Phil Goad.
Land Suppliers
The following Land Supplier documents are available now. Any queries please contact Jonathon Norton.
At the show
The format of these shows is specifically set up to not only educate but drive sales both on the day and for a period after the show. 
It’s important our exhibitors represent the professionalism of the shows and this is reflected in the quality of the booths, marketing material and behaviour on the day. 
Exhibitors must refer the public to Flight Centre consultants and are not permitted to facilitate or promote direct bookings with their own company.