Info You Need


Access times/set up
Pack in:
Day prior 1400 to 1800 
Show day 0700 to 0830
Pack out:
Show day 1610 to 1730
*Exhibitors will not be allowed access prior to 2pm on pack in day at all venues*
The exhibition hall is deemed a building site until official access time at 2pm. Scissor lifts and fork lifts are in use, crew are at work in ceiling areas and can drop items from above. 
There is often rubbish (e.g. nails, staples) lying around until the venue is cleaned on Saturday evening. Closed toe shoes and high visible vests must be worn at all times during pack in and pack out. Plus hard hat if required at the venue.
No children under fourteen are allowed onsite during either pack in or pack out.
Exhibitor’s vehicles are not permitted inside the venue.
Air conditioning
The venue is air conditioned however we recommend you bring a small fan for your booth. 
AV and internet requirements
Internet/phone lines/AV are not provided. Please arrange these directly - click here for a list of show suppliers. 
Please note you may need to arrange internet two weeks in advance. You will billed directly by the suppliers.
Helium balloons are only permitted as fixed features of a stand or exhibit. If you are using helium to inflate balloons in the venue you will need permission from the venue.
Any charges incurred for the removal of any balloons remaining in the ceiling after the show will be passed on directly to you.
Banner hanging
You must seek permission from the exhibitors around you if you plan to hang any banners or signage that back on to their stands.
All hanging signage must be within your stand space.
Click here for suppliers who can help with your banner hanging requirements. Please note that you will be charged directly by the supplier. 
Booth design and theming
Your stand design should reflect what you hope to achieve and what you want people to remember about your product/brand. Think about creating a unique presence at the show, and creating your own stand design that sets you apart from your competition. 
Click here to view a list of show suppliers that provide a range of products and services (plants, lounge furniture, shelving etc) to help you maximize your booth appeal.
We expect exhibitors to have an impactful exhibit that reflects the standard of the show and the quality the customer could expect from your company. We are more than happy to talk through ideas and options with you.
Standard Booth details and inclusions
Booths are 3.6m wide x 2.4m deep, height 2.3m. 
You must keep inside your contracted space and keep the aisles clear - they are legally required to be a certain width, and must be kept unobstructed.
Each standard booth will have:
• Black wall panels with velcro compatible fabric
• Suspended floodlight or spotlights
• Four point plug
• Trestle table with table cloth
• Chair
• Fascia sign with your company name
• Carpet tiles (except Wellington & Christchurch venue which has concrete floor)
All booths must conform to the dimensional and height requirements and must not obstruct the general view or access of surrounding displays, aisles or public space within the exhibition hall.
Please do not screw or nail any items to the panels. This would be considered damage and you would be charged for any damage to the panels. 
Additional furniture requirements need to be made to the supplier, who will bill you directly.
Booth set up and dismantle
All booths shall be fully installed at least 30 minutes prior to show time. 
Booths shall not be dismantled until after the show has closed at 4pm. The public are entitled to enter the show and may still be in the exhibition hall. 
Exhibitors may not canvass or distribute promotional material other than within their exhibition stand.
Carpet tile colour change outs
You may be able to change out the colour of the carpet tiles in your booth. Contact for more information about options and costs. 
Changes may not be possible at the show unless previously arranged.
Catering and cocktail function
A ‘Time Out’ area will be provided for exhibitor’s use. Location details will be provided in the Exhibitor's Manual available two weeks prior to each show. 
Bottled water will be provided on show day and will be delivered to booths prior to the show opening, based on a maximum of two bottles per booth.
Refreshments are at the exhibitor’s own expense. Themed stalls with a range of snacks, meals and beverages will be open all day, along with a coffee cart. 
Exhibitors are invited to attend the after-show cocktail function along with the Flight Centre consultants. Location details will be provided in the Exhibitor's Manual available two weeks prior to each show. 
Cleaning and rubbish removal
Any empty cartons, boxes and wrapping materials must be removed from your booth prior to 8am on show day. 
• Place any rubbish in the aisle in front of your booth and the cleaning service will remove it for you
• During the show, place any small quantities of rubbish in the bins provided
• Please do not place empty boxes or cartons in these bins as these are primarily for visitor use. Flatten all cardboard and place neatly beside the bins. 
Competitions and giveaways
Competitions and giveaways by exhibitors are permitted at this show, however Flight Centre will not promote them on your behalf.
Any information collected for your database purposes must be shared with Flight Centre (NZ) Ltd. 
Please send us: 
• Name of your competition 
• Which show/s you will run it at 
• Details on how the competition e.g. who qualifies, how people enter, draw date etc 
• Details of the prize 
We recommend your competition terms and conditions meet the requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority.
Deliveries and pick ups
Consignment notes for deliveries to/from the venues are available online two weeks prior to each show. You need to use your own consignment note for pick up from the Auckland venue. 
Flight Centre (NZ) Limited takes no responsibility for your deliveries to the venue and/or collection on completion of the shows.
For deliveries to venues:
• Clearly label all boxes with the consignment note, along with your courier sticker
• Arrange delivery times as shown on the venue consignment notes. Any deliveries outside these times may not be accepted by the venue
• Call your courier company to ensure your deliveries have arrived
• Bring a small hand cart or trolley for moving heavy items, these are not provided by the venue
• The venue does not provide delivery to your booth
• Take the contact details of your courier company to the show should there be any problems with your deliveries
For pickups from venues:
• After the show ensure any items for pick up are labelled with a return consignment note and your courier stickers
• Pick up point locations are as instructed in your Exhibitor’s Manual
• Any unlabelled items will be considered rubbish and will be removed by the venue cleaners during pack out
• Courier pick up needs to be arranged for straight after the event or before 12 noon the day after the show as the venue may have other events to pack in for
• Any items not collected will be disposed of by the venue (unless by prior arrangement with the venue)
Emergency procedures and evacuation
For any critical emergencies (e.g. heart attack, physical assault) please call the appropriate emergency service immediately and then notify the Expo Manager in person or on 021 826 513.
At the Aucland venue, St Johns First Aid will have a primary care officer located by the exit to Hall 3 - in the main reception area of the venue.
In the case of evacuation, please follow all instructions issued by the venue.
Opportunities for live music/dance performances in booths are limited, please contact us to discuss further.
Exhibitor booth collateral
We recommend you bring along banners/posters that explain what your product/offering is. Using bright, vibrant and interesting imagery increases your booth appeal.
Bring along relevant brochures (destination specific based on the focus of the show) and ensure your flyers are consistent with show branding.
Your booth panels are black velcro receptive fabric. Velcro dots, sellotape, scissors or any other stationery items are not provided. 
You are not permitted to place any of your show collateral outside of your booth on adjacent or adjoining walls, or around any other part of the show.
Exhibitor manual
Two weeks prior to each show the Exhibitor's Manual will be available online. Please ensure you are familiar with all the information about this event. 
On show day a one page condensed version of your manual will be placed in your booth for your reference.
Exhibitor start and finish times
On show day the venue will be open from 7am.
You must be at your fully set up booth from 8.45am. You can pack up after the show has closed at 4pm however please be aware that customers may still be in the venue.
If your stand is unattended because you arrive late or leave early it gives your company and the show an unprofessional look, and you are not available for any queries from the public or Flight Centre consultants. 
If you have an unexpected emergency and are running late on show day, please contact the Expo Manager on 021 826 513 so that we know when to expect you. 
Flights and accommodation
We recommend booking flights and accommodation well in advance. For help with arranging your travel requirements just contact us.
Floor plans and booth allocation
Floor plans and booth allocations are available online two weeks prior to each show.
Booths are allocated by us based on a number of factors. Requests made by exhibitors on their registration form will be accommodated where practicable, but can not be guaranteed. 
Floor plans will be based on geographical regions which enables exhibitors from the same destination to be located near one another and allows consumers to easily find the destination product/info they are looking for. 
Food sampling/cooking demonstrations
Please advise us as early as possible if you have any plans to conduct food sampling or cooking demonstrations at the shows, so that we can accommodate your requirements as best possible. We recommend starting the planning process at least two months prior to the show. 
Each venue has the sole rights for the sale/distribution of all food and drink and reserves the right to remove any food and beverage not authorised in the venues. Therefore you will need to have prior permission from the venue.
You will also need to consider any appropriate licenses/permits along with the relevant health regulations and be responsible for all aspects of this activity. 
Health and safety
We aim to provide the safest environment possible at the travel shows and have developed a Health and Safety Plan. 
However, health and safety is the responsibility of everyone involved and we cannot be responsible for the actions of any exhibitors who do not enforce safe practices while at the show site.
Please note your responsibilities (for both pack in day and show day) include:
• You (and your staff) must adhere to occupational health and safety legislation, venue regulations and all relevant compliance and advisory standards. The person responsible for your stand must ensure that anyone contracted by you also complies. This includes wearing high visible vests and/or hard hats as required by each venue.
• Your booth/exhibit assembly or construction must comply with all relevant regulations, including building codes and current standards
• Where relevant, materials, fittings and furnishings in your booth/exhibit must be approved by the appropriate regulatory authority for use in a public building (e.g. flammable materials)
• You can not use naked flame, pyrotechnics or flammable gas unless pre-approved in writing by the venue
• You must not block or impede aisles, doors, stairs and emergency exits, fire hose reels or fire extinguisher access at any time
• Any incidents big or small, and any potential hazards must be reported to the Event Manager so that they can be actioned and recorded as per our obligations.
We encourage you to document and demonstrate the steps taken to fulfil your own health and safety obligations. 
It is essential you make your own arrangements for appropriate insurance cover, including Public Liability insurance. Flight Centre accepts no responsibility/liability to Exhibitors (and their contractors) regarding property/consequential losses/personal or loss of income due to any occurrence.
Motor vehicles for display
If you are using a motor vehicle for display purposes either inside or outside the venue you must advise us as early as possible so we can get permission from the venue. 
Please note not all venues permit vehicles for display inside their venues. 
We will advise you closer to the show regarding arrangements for access to the venues and times for drop off and collection. Vehicle keys must be left onsite.
Vehicles should have full tanks of fuel, drip trays and batteries disconnected prior to the show commencing.
Name badges/ID
We do not issue exhibitor name badges or ID. However you are welcome to wear your own name tag.
On show day you will be directed to assigned car parks reserved for exhibitors and Flight Centre staff, so that the spaces closest to the venue are available for our customers. Exhibitor parking at the Christchurch show is provided free of charge.
The Auckland show is charged at $10 per vehicle, per day by the venue. NOTE, this is a change effective for our August 2015 shows.
After your registration has been submitted you will receive an invoice. In order to confirm your booth, full payment must be received by the date shown on your invoice. 
Payment cannot be offset against payments owed to the supplier from other parts of Flight Centre Ltd.
Exhibitors who still have outstanding payments due will not be eligible to attend and their registration will be cancelled. 
Cancellation fees apply as per the Terms and Conditions of the show.
Plant hire/floral arrangements
Displays of greenery or floral arrangements create an inviting environment while giving your booth a distinctive look. It is also a cost effective way to appeal to the senses, and draw additional attention to your booth. 
You are welcome to use your own suppliers, or contact us for more information.
Your staff are an integral part of your success at the show. Man your stand with people that have great product knowledge, understand your business objectives, and are enthusiastic and confident talking with the public. 
If you have the resources, try allocating shifts as show days can be tiring. We are unable to provide staff to man your booth. If you need to leave your stand during the show we recommend you leave a sign stating the time that you will be back and ask exhibitors at adjacent stands to keep an eye on yours while you are away.
Ensure you have enough staff manning your stand, people will walk by if they feel you are too busy or they may have to wait too long 
Make sure your staff are fully briefed – people expect that you are the experts 
Watch your posture & facial expressions. Staff with hands in their pockets, folded arms or bored expressions turn off potential customers 
Eat or drink on the stand. People may pass by as they won’t want to interrupt you 
Talk on your phone/read the paper. Most people would consider this rude and simply keep moving 
Stand around in groups. This makes visitors less likely to approach staff as they may feel intimidated 
Storage during the show
There is limited storage space within the exhibition halls, however this varies from show to show. 
Where possible a general storage room will be built in to the floor plan for exhibitors to use during the show. If this storage area is available, you are solely responsible for all goods placed in this area as it is unsecured.
Terms and conditions
Click here to read our show terms and conditions for Travel Expo 2017.