Become An Exhibitor!

Why exhibit?
Flight Centre travel shows enable you, your product and the customer to come together in a dynamic and interactive environment. 
Some of the potential benefits to exhibiting at our travel shows include:
• Establish your profile
• Build your brand awareness
• Connect with customers face to face (the most powerful way of selling)
• Maintain customer relations
• Receive immediate feedback and addressing market objections or perceptions
• Interact and engage with your target market
• Introduce new products/product ranges
• Unique facility for consumers to book on the spot with our expert consultants, enabling a measure of success for you
• Exposure to high volume foot traffic 
Our shows
Our travel shows have a long history, running for more than fifteen years. We have three different consumer events that run annually in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and are produced by a dedicated Event Team. 
Travel Expo is New Zealand's largest and most comprehensive travel show held at the beginning of the year, with exhibitors representing destinations, attractions, activities, products and services from around the world. The shows are normally help in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in February and again in September - dates will vary year to year
We also produce a Cruise Expo which is usually held towards the end of the calendar year.
Regardless of the show focus we encourage any suppliers to attend and showcase their destinations from around the world, to cater for consumer enquiry.
Exposure at our shows is not limited just to booth presence. Additional opportunities include:
• Hosting a travel presentation
• Speaking slot as a travel 'expert'
Our exhibitors
Our exhibitors are invited to attend each show when registrations open. If you are not an existing exhibitor and would like to be on our invitation list, please contact us.
Exhibitors comprise of contracted suppliers (airlines, tour operators, resorts, hotels, vehicle rental companies, travel insurers, cruise operators) and supplementary services, including tourism boards, visa advisors, duty free, foreign exchange, medical advice, and travel literature. 
Exhibitor attendance varies depending on the show and city. Our Travel Expo in February is the largest show of the year with around 140 booths in Auckland and 85 in both Christchurch and Wellington.
Our attendees
Our shows are the most highly attended travel shows in New Zealand, and our attendance figures are comparable with similar travel shows in the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom (based on per head of population).
Our attendees are actively looking for information about travel destinations and experiences for future trips and want to interact with travel experts for information and advice. They are pro-active and have the means and motivation to make purchase decisions at the event.
Our attendee profile
There is no set demographic of our attendees as they are from diverse backgrounds and are interested in a range of travel experiences, including adventure holidays, family travel, budget trips, and luxury holidays. 
Please contact us for more information including visitor age groups, visitor gender, intended travel periods, and other data. 
Marketing campaign
Our travel shows gain wide recognition through a high profile marketing campaign that utilises major advertising channels including television, radio and newspaper advertising.
Our extensive coverage also ensures high awareness through event calendar listings and editorial in consumer, association and industry body publications. 
Our dedicated show website receives thousands of hits from interested consumers planning their visit to the show.
We also promote the show through our database of more than 190,000 people, including select high-value VIP customers.
What next?
If you are interested in exhibiting but do not have a contract with Flight Centre, please contact us. Otherwise:
1. Complete the online registration form before the close off date 
2. You will receive a confirmation email – double check the details are correct
3. You will be sent an invoice. Your registration is confirmed once full payment has been received
4. Ensure you are familiar with the show and what is required of you. All the information you need e.g. courier deliveries, competitions, booth details are on this site. Otherwise please contact us for assistance
5. Check out the Show Deals and Flyers page for information on supplying deals and producing show flyers. Take note of the deadlines stated
6. Advise us of any changes to your registration as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate them, however changes are usually not possible within three weeks of show date
7. Documents You Need - The exhibitor manual, booth allocation, floor plan and courier notes will be available from two weeks prior to each show
8. You will be sent a reminder email a couple of days before each show with any final details, updates and additional information.