Updated 2 March 2017

Disclaimer: This FAQ does not constitute visa advice. Visa advice can be obtained from the South African High Commission or from VFS Global visa advisory service.

New Zealand passport holders require a visa to enter South Africa. Applications must be made in person at one of two South Africa Visa Application Centres located in Wellington and Auckland. All applicants over 18 years of age need to attend the interview.  Parents can sign for and represent children under 18.


How do I apply for a Visa?
Information on the application process, including scheduling an interview can be found at the following web address.
When should I apply for the Visa?
The standard processing time is a minimum of four weeks.  Please plan the timing of your application accordingly. 
What do I need to apply for the Visa?
Detailed information on what is required to submit a visa application can be found at the following websites:
Can my travel consultant help me with my visa application?
Your travel consultant is unable to assist with your visa application. 
I’m travelling with children under the age of 18. Is there anything extra I should be aware of?
Yes, children travelling to South Africa (under age of 18) are required to travel with a copy of their birth certificate and other documents. This is in addition to a valid passport and visa. For more information please refer to this website: 
Where do I apply for the visa? 
Applicants must apply in person at one of the two application centres located in Auckland and Wellington. However, it is the South African High Commission will make the decision on your application. 
The contact information for these organisations is listed below.
How much does the visa cost?
Please visit the below link:
South Africa Visa Application Centre, 
Regus Reception,
Level 31, Plimmer Tower,
2-6 Gilmer Terrace,
Wellington 6011
Contact Centre Hours of Operation: 
8:30 to 15:00 
Contact Centre:
+649 363 9616   +649 363 9617
South African Visa Application Centre, Regus Business centre, 
Plaza level, 41 Shortland Street 
Auckland -1010
Contact Centre Hours of Operation: 
08:30 to 15:00 
Contact Centre:
+649 363 9616   +649 363 9617
Contact/location and postal address of the South African High Commission in Wellington
Phone: +64 4 815 8484 
Fax: +64 4 472 5010
Address: Level 7, State Insurance Tower, 1 Willis Street, Wellington.
Postal Address: South African High Commission, P O Box 25406, Wellington, 6146