Receive the perfect wedding gift - your honeymoon!

Whether you want to relax on a tropical island, get romantic in Venice or head off on an African adventure, a Wedding Travel Account can bring your perfect honeymoon closer. Talk to your Flight Centre consultant about your Wedding Travel Account, and the amazing possibilities available for your romantic honeymoon.

Creating a Wedding Travel Account

  • To set-up your Wedding Travel Account, register your details below and one of our consultants will be in contact with you to activate your account.
  • Our consultant will arrange a time for you to come into our store and fully establish your Wedding Travel Account. At this time you can discuss your honeymoon ideas or plans.
  • We ask for a minimum $200 deposit to start off the Travel Account balance, so we can secure any honeymoon bookings you wish to make.
  • Once your account is activated, you'll be able to access your Wedding Travel Account online, view your balance and guest contributions (subject to guest disclosure).

Contributing to a Wedding Travel Account

  • When you create a Wedding Travel Account with Flight Centre, your friends and family can contribute to the cost of your honeymoon, or any other travel you choose.
  • Your guests can contribute at any Flight Centre store nationwide, and they will receive a gift certificate as confirmation.
  • Alternatively if your guests can’t make it into one of our stores, they can can contact the store make arrangements to pay with credit card.
  • Every contribution will get added automatically to your account, and you'll receive a list of all the contributors and amounts gifted.
  • Then the account balance will be yours to spend on travel of your choice.

Further Information

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