Christchurch Airport (CHC)

Flights from Australia to Christchurch will disembark at Christchurch International Airport.

Christchurch International Airport (CHC) is the main access point for New Zealand's South Island. The airport consists of a domestic terminal and an international terminal within the one building, however construction is underway of a new domestic terminal building.

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Getting to Christchurch

There are several airlines that offer flights to Christchurch from Australia. Direct flights from Sydney take three hours. Direct flights from Melbourne take three hours and 15 minutes. Direct flights from Brisbane take three hours and 30 minutes. Flights from Perth via Sydney take around nine hours depending on the stopover.

Airlines that fly to Christchurch

Airlines that offer cheap flights to Christchurch from Australia include:

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Located on the edge of the Canterbury plains, Christchurch is the largest city found on the South Island's east coast. The city acts as a major tourism hub as travellers use Christchurch as a stepping off point for touring the South Island and as a gateway for travel to Antarctica. As a tourist hub, the city boasts a wide range of Christchuch tours, offering something for everyone.>

One-eighth of the city is comprised of public parks and recreation grounds, earning it the nickname of the 'garden city.' But parks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Christchurch's natural beauty - beaches, mountains and picturesque New Zealand countryside can all be found within an hours drive of the city.

Christchurch: City ParkCity Park

In 2010 and 2011 Christchurch experienced two earthquakes that caused much damage to its high-rise buildings. Parts of the city's iconic Christchurch Cathedral were also sadly destroyed during the natural disaster and reconstruction remains a work in progress. Though some sections of the city are still cordoned off, much of Christchurch has returned to normal and locals are welcoming tourists with open arms.

Away from the city centre buildings, Christchurch shows little sign of its recent tumultuous events. Most Christchurch accommodation is open for business and includes a great selection of reputable chain hotels. The picturesque Avon River remains serene as always. Traditional punt boat rides down the river are a must-do for all visitors to Christchurch. While the city's English past is quite obvious, Christchurch is also a modern town with a burgeoning café and arts culture. The city's maze of hidden laneways have been urbanised to include an array of trendy eateries and innovative boutiques. Riverside restaurants boast some of the island's freshest seafood and outdoor markets and art galleries continue to flourish.

Christchurch: Hagley ParkHagley Park