Bite into Aussie - Top 9 'Must Eats'!

Tue, 23/02/2016 - 3:00am
Read Time: 2.9 mins

If you’re always thinking about dinner while eating lunch then please read on…because we have listed some of the most delectable and outrageous ‘Must Eats’ that our neighbours in Aussie have created. (Please note: May cause extreme cases of jealousy, cravings and/or a lust for food - You have been warned).

1. Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery - Erskinville, Sydney

Move over Bondi Vet, there is a new ‘crush’ in town, and he is to die for! Thanks to the crafty makers at Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery we have the Tella Ball Shake. This delicious Nutella filled doughnut atop a mouth-watering chocolate milkshake, leaves you wondering what else you could need in the world.

2. Zepickle - Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sydney (coming soon)

When a very hip bar/burger joint mingle with a doughnut shop on the buzzing Gold Coast, you are more than likely to end up with one of the greatest concoctions known to man….hand-pressed Wagyu beef & Nutella-smoked bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between a grilled, glazed doughnut- appropriately named the Doughtnutfukwitdis.

3. Taco Bill - South Melbourne, Melbourne

Get into character at Taco Bill’s with XL fish bowl margaritas and vibin’ sombrero’s. Enjoy the traditional taco’s and nacho’s and you’ll be yelling ‘A-rri-ba’ all the way back home!

4. N2 - Sydney & Melbourne

N2 have some mad scientists’ brewing up amazing gelato blends with fresh exotic ingredients. And because its all about science here, their gelato is made using liquid nitrogen and served at -6C because your taste receptors are able to decipher flavours better – duh? Sweet filled syringes are also on hand…

5. Naughty Boy Café - Princes Hill, Melbourne

Naughty Boy Café serves up art for your taste buds! We’re going bonkers for the Red Velvet Instashake – Cheesecake mousse, choc berry & fairy floss atop your shake of choice. #whatdiet

6. Whisk Creamery - Subiaco, Perth

Drool…after the unforgettable cronut craze we thought that these heavenly creations couldn’t get any better…we were wrong! These geniuses turned the cronut into an ice-cream sandwich! Wrap your mouth around a homemade cronut filled with salted caramel gelato and sauce, topped with whipped cream! Need we say more?

7. Chip Tease - Queensland

Have you noticed that any time, any-where, no matter how full you are, if there are any kind of chips offered, you are able to consume your weight in them? Odd or simply amazing? These lovely ladies have caught on and have re-invented the traditional ‘loaded chips’! From pulled pork and gravy toppings to sugar coated chips with Nutella drizzle. Get amongst it!

8. Bella BBQ - Ipswich, Brisbane

Up for a challenge that will simply knock your socks off…or the buttons on your pants? Book in advance and take a bite at ‘THE CREWKIN CHALLENGE BURGER’, right after you sign a waiver…
Here is the lowdown:
✔1kg smoked pulled pork
✔ 1kg slow smoked wagyu brisket
✔ 5 x 200g wagyu patties topped with smoked cheddar
✔ Pickled Jalapeños
✔ 1kg candied bacon
✔ 1kg candied bacon infused house mac
✔ 1kg house spiced fries
✔ 3 x sauces
✔ Custom 7 inch toasted bun
✔ House liquid cheese infused with bacon

We say good luck soldier!

9. The Doughnut Bar – Brisbane CBD

Who eats circle doughnuts anymore? The Doughnut bar are revolutionising your typical circle doughnut and laying it all out…literally! From a ‘Netflix & Chill’ cronut to a Choc Chip Cookie Doughcone (that would be a cone made from doughnut!).

We know, your foodie bucket list just got longer, be the envy of all your friends and get involved!