Festive Cruising

Fri, 29/11/2019 - 12:27pm
Read Time: 2.6 mins

Dashing ‘cross the sea, in a stunning, ocean ship; O’er the waves you’ll splash, laughing all the way!

Taking a Christmas cruise is undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience the holiday season in a truly unique way. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to leave the holiday traditions at home, as you’ll soon find that cruise ships are truly ‘decked’ out for the festivities. Think red-and-green holiday decorations, twinkling lights that sparkle atop the many decks, Christmas trees and even a giant gingerbread house on-board Norwegian Cruise Line, crafted by their on-board resident chefs.
A festive cruise is brilliant for a combination of reasons, but none more so than for the ease and peace of mind it brings. Take, for example, NCL who take the hassle out of planning the large Christmas dinner for the family. Forget having to brave the supermarket rush, or planning exactly how many potatoes you’ll need to feed 20 people (let alone which pot they’re going to fit into on the stove top). Instead you can focus on enjoying the on board Christmas themed dishes, such as Roasted Maryland Turkey, Baked Country Ham, the classic Fruit Cake or even Mil Chocolate Yule Log. Yet that’s just one of the cruise lines offering these wonderful traditions. River cruises with the likes of APT or Avalon Waterways can bring you into the central European Christmas Markets which sparkle in the twilight and radiant with a pure festive energy that is akin to something from a fairy tale. Think traditional street stalls, blanketed with snow, as you sip on hot chocolate (or egg-nog) and wander through streets of dazzling light displays – an element of pure beauty and ecstasy in the air that’ll allow you to forget the rest of the world even exists.

For fanfare for the whole family however, Royal Caribbean brings you the opportunity to celebrate on board. The holidays come in force to the cruise line, bringing pool-side carollers, Christmas Tree and Menorah lighting ceremonies and cooking decorating sessions. As part of their “Deck the Holidays” experience, they’ll be bringing you family-favourite Christmas tunes and activities, a very special visit from Santa Claus himself and all the island-hopping, warm summer days and epic memories you can handle! Plus, with Royal Caribbean you can enjoy quality family-time in the quiet comfort of your private stateroom. Choose from their exquisite range of interconnecting staterooms to suites, which are perfectly configured for family life! You’ll also find full immersion throughout the ship, as you’re transported to a true Christmas wonderland, complete with a huge twinkling Christmas tree and magical décor that make spirits merry and bright!
The beauty of a cruise is that the whole family, regardless of age, will find something that they can do and this holds true even through the festive season. Christmas morning means the kids can wake up and dive into the pool, or (where available) race down the slides. Parents can take their time waking up (unless the call for presents is more pressing of course) and can enjoy a relaxing day meeting other families on the cruise, or even treat themselves to a film. Not to be forgotten, grandparents will also find plenty available to them, with a cheeky trip to the spa or even heading off the ship to explore the local villages and quintessential cultures that come with the different destinations. The wonder of cruising over Christmas means that not only will you spend Christmas day in a unique destination, but you’ll also awaken in other destinations on the trawl to New Year’s Eve.

Fireworks, champagne and celebration come aplenty with a New Year’s celebration on-board your cruise. Depending on the cruise line, the offerings will vary but you’ll find that celebration will never fall short! Some cruise lines will spend the evening in a particular harbour, enabling you to experience the fireworks of a different city of the world, and giving you a more comfortable and personal experience of them. Instead of crowding into the streets to watch the fireworks off the SkyTower in Auckland, you could instead experience the fireworks from the Sydney Harbour Bridge or further afield in Europe.

Celebrating the holiday season is a special and wondrous time of year that should be spent with your loved ones. Your local Flight Centre Cruise Specialist can help you get on-board any of these cruises, to help you celebrate the festive season in a unique and special way that you and the family will remember for years to come.