Chinese Food in Beijing?

Wed, 14/12/2011 - 7:22pm
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Flight Centre travel expert Moana McRae from our Flight Centre Rotorua Store has recently travelled to China. In this blog, Moana shares with us her experiences with food available in Beijing, from the traditional Chinese restaurants to the more common fast food chains throughout the city.

Being a fan of Chinese food and food in general, I made it my mission to try anything and everything on my travel through Beijing. From restaurants, bars and buffet breakfasts in our hotel, to the not-so-exciting food from the corner stores and even the good old restaurant chains. For five days I embarked on my own gastronomic adventure...

My days began with the usual buffet breakfasts, which depending on the hotel you're staying at, you could be in for a few surprises. “Fry Rape” resembled Bok Choy, while “American pickled meat” looked a lot like bacon. Not to mention the beer gut and beef bowel, also known as sausages. If you're not game enough to try these items from the breakfast menu, you will always find the familiar basic cereals and toast with spreads available.

No trip to China is complete without having a traditional Pecking Duck meal.  Quan Ju De Pecking Duck Restaurant Fang Zhuang in Beijing was my restaurant of choice, well known in the region. As with most meals, lunch was served with a variety of other dishes and traditional pancakes. All dishes were bought out one after the other and I was soon surrounded by food... Be prepared to leave the table feeling a little guilty.


When I travel, a good indication of currency exchange rates can be found by buying the tried and true McDonalds Combo. Based on the theory of the Big Mac Index, it gives you an idea on what you get for your dollar. Surprisingly, we tried three fast food chains with really no difference to what we get here in New Zealand. However escargot did feature on the Pizza Hutt menu. The good thing about feasting on takeaways is you really do know what you’re gonna get.


By far, the most amazing meal I had on my trip was at the Nuage Restaurant in the Houhai area. Located on the shores of the Lake, everything about this place is remarkable. The food is fantastic and my suggestion is to share a few dishes so you can try a range from their large selection. My personal favourite was the caramalised pork with quail eggs. The duck can easily feed two and the wine is well priced, which also features a few New Zealand wines.

Having tried and tasted my way around Beijing, my most memorable experience was dinner at Nuage. Again you will absolutely love the meal, the service and the ambience.

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