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Thu, 26/01/2012 - 7:26pm
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Having a dream honeymoon is just important as the dream wedding day and, for some, even more so. When choosing your honeymoon destination, there are so many elements to take into consideration, finding a place that will set the perfect scene for the beginning of your lives together. We have compiled a Honeymoon Guide from A to Z for all who are looking for steps you can take to have a relaxing, romantic, luxurious and enjoyable honeymoon.


A = Appealing

For a honeymoon that appeals to both of you make a list of your preferences by imagining what your perfect honeymoon would be and then comparing. Things to consider are whether you’d like a beach holiday at a resort, or perhaps a Caribbean cruise, or even a cultural whirl through Europe. But take each other’s dreams into account.

B = Bridal registry

Flight Centre’s bridal registry is a great alternative to normal registries. If you already have everything for your home then talk to us about your registry. Your guests can contribute to your honeymoon as their gift to you.

C =Cruising

If an all-inclusive resort sounds tempting but too stationary, consider taking a cruise. Cruises are floating resorts that whisk you away to one exotic port after another. Whether you want a cultural cruise to the Mexican Riviera or a wildlife adventure up the Alaskan coast, your Flight Centre consultant will match you and your betrothed with the perfect floating experience.

D = Day tours

You may want to spend your honeymoon locked away inside your room, but we recommend that you explore your destination through a series of day tours and outings. Depending on where you choose to honeymoon there’s sure to be a host of activities and tours to suit your needs. If you’re on a city honeymoon consider a hop-on-hop-off tour, if you’re on a gorgeous island take a catamaran trip or take a bike trip through the country.

E= Extras

It may look tempting to book your honeymoon over the internet but couples who use a specialist travel agent like Flight Centre are less likely to experience problems with their booking and more likely to benefit from special upgrades and extras. Because travel agents have a close relationship with their suppliers they are often in a position to arrange those little extras that make your honeymoon even more special. Booking with a travel agent will also save you precious hours that should be spent on planning the wedding.

F= Fine dining

Be very aware whether you are able to drink the water at your destination as a runny tummy is the last thing you want on your honeymoon. Food and water in foreign countries is not always subject to the same standards here at home. Be sure of what you’re eating. It’s always a good idea to drink bottled water and most hotels provide this service.

Honeymoon - Celebration

G= Good budgeting

No one wants to start their married life with a huge debt hovering over their heads. That’s why it’s a good idea to decide on a budget and stick to it. Flight Centre travel consultants have a range of options in their honeymoon arsenal. Always take into account that unless you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, you will need to factor in daily costs such as service fees, tips, restaurants and shopping trips into your budget.

H = Haggling

Make a point of visiting the markets wherever you are travelling to and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the country you are in.... At the markets of the Far East, Middle East and most of Africa you can haggle or barter with the store keeper for your goods. The general rule is to offer half of the price suggested and work your way to a happy medium from there.

I = Immunisations

Certain destinations will require proof of immunisation for certain endemic diseases such as yellow fever and typhoid. It is highly advisable to visit a travel clinic before you travel to check which immunisations (if any) are needed and to get expert advice on the health recommendations for your destination.

J = Journal

Keep a journal of your honeymoon to remind you of your beginnings. Keep your ticket stubs, swizzle sticks from the bar, take loads of photos and any sort of memento to build your journal. You’ll enjoy looking at it from time to time to relive the memories of your honeymoon.

K = Kitting yourself out

The secret to getting the most out of your clothing is to have multi-purpose, wrinkle resistant wardrobe. Decide on a colour scheme that is neutral and take along a couple of pashminas and funky jewellery to change the look. Keep your inner Imelda Marcos at home and take a maximum of three pairs of shoes with you. Shoes add weight to your luggage. The ubiquitous LBD will do for special dinners and if you’re heading to a beach then sarongs, t-shirts, flops and a bikini is what you’ll be living in.

L = Lists

Research shows that the item most left behind is the humble toothbrush. Make a list and set aside plenty of time to pack your bits and bobs. Buying forgotten items while on honeymoon will inevitably cost more so don’t waste precious honeymoon budget on this – plan your packing.

M = Money

Once you have your travel documents you can purchase your foreign exchange. Depending on where you’re travelling to US dollars and Euros are tops but you should also take along a Visa or MasterCard credit card. Make sure you let your bank know you are travelling and arrange for an increase in your limit if necessary. You should be able to use your credit cards to draw cash from ATM’s.


N = News and updates

Keep your eye on Flight Centre’s news and updates for the latest travel news around the globe.

O = Organised

Be thoroughly organised when it comes to your paperwork. Passport, tickets, visas, foreign currency, Immunisations and your marriage certificate are all very important. If you are booked into a resort or hotel on a special honeymoon package they will want proof that you are recently married. So don’t lose the certificate in all the excitement of the big day.

P = Passport

If your dream honeymoon takes you out of New Zealand, then you’ll need a passport. If you already have one then check that it is current (valid for at least six months after your scheduled arrival). If you don’t have a passport then apply for one now. It can take up to three months for a passport to be issued (sometimes longer) so don’t be caught napping.

Q = Queues and how to avoid them

If you are flying to your honeymoon destination then make sure you get to the airport at least three hours before your flight is due to depart if you’re travelling overseas. Getting to the airport early means a more stress-free checkin, and plenty of time to shop at duty free

R = Resorts & romantic turndowns

For an all-inclusive honeymoon you can’t beat the value for money option of a resort. Often set in the most picturesque places in the world, they include pools, private beaches and golf courses, as well as culinary delights and relaxing spas.

All-inclusive resorts streamline the enjoyment process by including everything — your room, transfers, recreational facilities, meals and drinks — all in one price. Without the worries of wondering how much everything little thing will cost, you are free to live the high life and experience everything you want as often as you want it.

Most resorts have honeymoon specials where they offer little extras like a romantic turndown, complete with rose petals, or upgrade the couple’s room at no extra charge (subject to availability).

S = Sunscreen

Often forgotten but one of the most essential items to include in your toiletry bag. Many a beautiful honeymoon has been ruined by an over-exposure of sun. Rather take your favourite brand with you than buy at the destination.


T = Taking good care

Yes, you’re on honeymoon but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Pick pockets abound the world over and it is just silly to let your honeymoon be ruined when common sense should prevail. Before you leave for an outing take unnecessary items out of your wallet/purse. Use the room safe to store valuables (i.e. your beautiful engagement ring) and make sure your luggage is secured. It is also crucial to take comprehensive travel insurance that will cover you for many eventualities.

U = Underestimated

A honeymoon closer to home is vastly underrated. There are so many beautiful hotels & resorts in and around New Zealand from Mt Cook, to the romantic scenery of the Remarkables in Queenstown. Think exclusive resorts and intimate dinners – it’s all available right on our doorstep.

V = Visas

There are many destinations around the world that New Zealander's don’t need visas for such as South East Asia and Australia, to name a couple. But many countries do require that NZ passport holders have a visa. Allow enough time for your visas to be processed.

W = Walks on the beach

Maximise your honeymoon enjoyment by spending your hard-earned cash on the right things. It is well worth spending a little extra on a room upgrade if it means a more secluded spot or arranging a private dinner just for the two of you. Other ways to get the most out of your honeymoon that don’t cost a cent include moonlit walks and shared bubble baths.

X = Xtremely unromantic co-guests

Your Flight Centre consultant will be more than happy to provide you with reference material on your desired honeymoon and their website is also a great means of sourcing information about your destination. Make 100% sure that your chosen hotel etc is what you want- nothing spoils a romantic mood quicker than a swimming pool full of boisterous children…

Y = Your time

This is the start of your life as a couple. It is the time when you get the chance to build memories and your future. Enjoy every precious moment of this special time together.

Z = Zip it up

Pack a few good quality zip lock bags in with your luggage to store your toiletries in. These bags are also necessary when travelling abroad as the liquids, aerosols and gels hand luggage rule is still strictly enforced. A zip lock bag will allow you to take your essential make up and toiletries onboard.


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