Ale's Argentinian Adventure

Wed, 06/07/2011 - 6:23pm
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Flight Centre’s resident Italian graphic designer, Alessandro, travelled to Argentina to experience the flavours, sights and sounds of South America.  From the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires city, the enchanting natural wonder of Iguazu Falls, Las Salinas in Salta, to the quiet farming villages of Jujuy. Check out Ale’s insider Argentina travel tips


Argentina holds so much excitement, and so much that is uniquely special. There is nowhere else quite like it in the world. If you love adventure then Argentina is the place for you!

I had initially planned to spend most of my time in Buenos Aires – the vibrant capital and an exciting city bursting with fun and energy, plenty of which I soaked up. Every big city in the world has shops, cafés and bars. But Buenos Aires has Tango clubs and Football games!  The passion of the fans is incredible and the atmosphere is electric.

After 4 days I was keen to seek adventure beyond the city life, to explore more of Argentina’s natural wonders. Doing it was the best decision I made as the highlights of my trip were spent soaking up the sights in Salta, Jujuy and Iguazu.

Las Salinas, Salt Lake

First stop, Las Salinas is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  A 2 hour flight from Buenos Aires near Salta, Las Salinas is a vast salt lake stretching for miles in the middle of the desert, complete with cactus! There was an eerie feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere. I’d highly recommend visiting Las Salinas, it is truly something different.

The neighbouring Argentine province to Salta is Jujuy. There is something very unique about this place. The scenery is impressive ranging from tall mountains, deserts and dense jungles. Also there are also small townships located here in the middle of the mountains. The province has population of about 4000 people which was why the charm of the place appealed to me – less people, and a contrast between staying in the busy city of Buenos Aires.

La Garganta del Diablo

La Garganta del Diablo - Iguazu falls

Iguazu would have to be my favourite trip highlight, a very popular attraction is the colossal cataratas (waterfall) called La Garganta del Diablo, translated in English it means The Devil’s throat. It’s not until you are physically there, hearing the thunderous roar of the water and looking towards the bottom that you fully understand why it is called this. This massive waterfall can be found in the middle of the forest and feels like an enchanted place. A marvel of Mother Nature indeed.

Ale's Insider Travel Tips

Best time to go to Argentina
The climate is varied ranging from subtropical in the north to colder weather in the south. Sometimes the weather can be a bit unpredictable so make sure you pack accordingly to the region.

Getting around
The best way to move about in the city is by taxi, they are very cheap and personally I just prefer the ease and comfort getting around in them, rather than public transport. A taxi costs roughly around NZ$3 for every 2/3km more which is extremely affordable.

Best night out
A Tango show is a must do, a night out dining in a restaurant watching a live Tango show. Tango Clubs are everywhere in Buenos Aires and the atmosphere is infectious.

Tango Show

Best local food
My favorite local food was Empanadas Saltenas. Your typical everyday food, just like a kiwi Big Ben Pie. It is very cheap and good quality. The best way to describe them is they look like samosa pies filled with your choice of beef or chicken..

Survival tip for tourists
Avoid walking by yourself in the city at night, ensure your safety and keep to well lit areas to avoid being targeted by thieves and pick pockets.

Must buy gift
Argentina is famous for its leather. You can find good products at reasonable prices and also get lama and alpaca fiber products like scarf’s, ponchos and hats which are great gifts to buy for loved ones.

Local festival or activities
Definitely do not miss out a Football game, the passion of the fans is incredible and the atmosphere is unreal.

Interesting custom for weddings
It is customary for weddings in Argentina to be at night. I went to a wedding held in a church at 9pm that then followed with dinner and an insane celebration till 7am the next day. A bit unusual for my idea of wedding party, but this is the norm for weddings in Argentinean culture.

Local delicacy
You must try Dulche de Leche, a milk dessert and also a toffee caramel you spread on bread, fruit etc. Very sweet and delicious.

A truly unique and beautiful country, Argentina will take your breath away. If you love adventure, excitement and unique sights, put Argentina on your ‘must-travel-to’ list!

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