Topdeck Pyramid & Beaches Tour

Mon, 11/06/2012 - 5:02pm
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Want to experience the best of Egypt? Charlotte Ricketts from our Johnsonville store recently went on a Topdeck Pyramid & Beaches tour and shares her highlights of the exciting tour with us.


* Cruising down the Nile

* Relaxing in the seaside town of Dahab and snorkelling in the Red Sea

* Climbing Mt Sinai and watching the sun rise over this magical landscape

*  Visiting the Valley of the Kings and entering the ancient tombs of past Pharaohs

*  Listening to the morning prayers floating over the city air and watching Cairo come alive in the morning

Watch Out For:

* Females be prepared to get a lot of attention from Egyptian men - don't wear short or revealing clothing in non-touristy areas

* Be prepared to combat stomach bugs as the water in Egypt is very heavily chlorinated.


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