Your way or Contiki's way?

Mon, 21/09/2015 - 10:38pm
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Take a group tour or go your own way? A difficult question that can drastically change the feel and experience of your trip. Here are some benefits for both options to help you decide on what travelling style might be best for you!

Contiki Group Travel

Firstly, the benefits of travelling with an organised group tour such as Contiki. What’s so great about these tours and what attracts people to them?


Travelling with Contiki takes the hard and stressful parts out of travelling! They help by sorting out details including accommodation and methods of travel. Due to Contiki’s extensive travel knowledge and experience, you’ll also be guided to the best spots, making sure you see what’s worth seeing and what’s not! This makes the trip a whole lot easier, enjoyable and relaxing. The pre-established relationships Contiki has with the attractions, the locals, and the general area will also give you the benefit of priority access and special treatment along the way of the tour.

Like minded people

Contiki group tours are great for meeting new like minded people and are an incredibly social way of travelling. It’s this very benefit of Contiki group tours that is one of the biggest drivers for adventurers to travel with Contiki. It’s very rare that you’ll go on tour with a group where you don’t find someone you gel with, especially if you’re taking a tour that’s in line with your interests. One, because everyone else is also on a tour that interests them and two, there are bound to be travelers who are the same age as you. (Contiki groups are limited to 18 – 35 year olds and consist of groups ranging in numbers of between 13 – 50 people).


Yes there is safety in numbers! So don’t fret, there are others in the same boat as you (literally if you’re on a cruising tour) to act as a safety net. In addition to group, there is an inbuilt safety net in the experienced tour guide to help you the whole way, so relax, and have fun and enjoy the trip, stress free! This is an important and valuable factor to inexperienced young travellers, specifically; it allows you to explore and access many different destinations, safely. This takes the risk factor out of travelling new areas for the first time, and figuring out where you do and don’t enjoy travelling. If you loved a particular city, you can go back again as a solo traveller!

No language barrier

If you’re a young solo traveller, and want to travel to destinations that predominately speak foreign languages, this may make you nervous (especially if you don’t know the area well). Contiki is a great solution to this common problem among wanderers, as the guides are well-versed in communicating with the locals – they have your back and will kick this language barrier down for you!

Bang for your buck

Because your trip is pre-organised, Contiki is sure to pack as much action as possible into the tour, meaning more destinations in less time. This does mean the trips can be fast paced, but that’s all part of the excitement isn’t it? More is better! Although if this doesn’t sound like you, Contiki do also offer slower paced tours for those that want to really soak the sights in and take their time, the possibilities are endless!

Contiki Lady Paris

Travelling solo, what drives people to taking on a lone adventure? Many seasoned travellers will tell you it’s the best way to travel. So just what makes travelling solo so great?

Meet new, unique and interesting people

Travelling solo means there’s no partner in crime to talk to and socialize with, so you need to take charge and the initiative to engage with new people and socialise. This may seem a bit daunting at first for those on the shy side, but what do you really have to lose? Go talk to those friendly looking people over there; because you may just meet some new travelling buddies, friends or even a romantic interest! Besides, you won’t really get to know a destination without knowing the people. Forcing yourself to socialise and meet new people will also boost your social skills and confidence, you’ll be surprised what you’re capable of when you venture outside your comfort zone.

Do what you want, when you want

“When I want, what I want, where I want.” This is possibly one of the best things about travelling solo, there is no need to compromise, and no one else to account for. Want to hit the town and spend the next day sleeping in? No worries. Like this place to much to leave just yet? Stay for another week. The possibilities are endless and all up to you, so travel your way!

Excitement of the unknown

Travelling solo means the structure of the trip is yours, sometimes the most exciting part of travelling is waking up without knowing what’s coming, where you might end up or who you might meet. So embrace the unknown and take it head on, some of the best things aren’t planned!

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