5 Tips on Avoiding Cultural Mistakes

Thu, 14/08/2014 - 12:50pm
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We all like to think that we wouldn't embarrass ourselves when we travel, but how much do we really know about other cultures? You might know to take off your shoes before entering a home in Japan, but would you know which countries a "thumbs up" is considered offensive in?

Take a moment to check out our 5 top tips on avoiding cultural mistakes before your next holiday to ensure you're asked back!


Avoiding Cultural Mistakes


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Laura Moffatt

A world traveller since ages ago, Laura lived across numerous continents as a child and visited many countries throughout Asia, Europe and Australasia.Growing up in a family within the travel industry, she is also a self-proclaimed veteran of airports and hotels around the globe. As a huge adventure junkie, Laura loves theme parks and is an avid fan of the Gold Coast theme parks and the collection of Disneyland’s worldwide. Having lived in Europe from ages 3-7 years, she has an exquisite taste for good chocolate and a good ear for languages.