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Mon, 25/07/2016 - 4:56pm
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As the airline industry has grown, we have more choice than ever before when it comes to choosing, a ticket. With so many different airlines and cabin classes at your fingertips, we attempt to untangle the mystery so you know which airfare is best for you.


Choose the right airfare for you Choose the right airfare for you


There are many factors that influence the price of an airfare: the flexibility of making changes, if refundable, seating class, self check-in and inclusions; to name a few. A low-cost carrier or budget airline offers an affordable travel option where you pay for what is important to you. You have the choice of purchasing just a seat with no checked-in baggage or meal. However, if you want the additional comforts you have the choice to purchase these extras too. You can tailor your journey to what suits you and your budget.

Low-cost carriers may not suit everyone, but the key here is about choice and choosing the best product for your travel needs. Some factors to consider when choosing an airfare include flight delays, flight cancellations, that your baggage is checked through to the final destination, and the policy regarding unaccompanied minors. And don’t forget when you book with Flight Centre, our 24/7 worldwide customer care ensures you’re never alone.


Flight delays 

A delayed flight is one of the last things you want when you are about to embark on your travels. If this happens, you want the reassurance your airline will take care of you. All airlines will put you on their next available flight, and some may even use an alternate carrier.

What to check:

  • The frequency of flights, some airlines may only fly your route twice a week. If so, does the airline policy use an alternate airline to get you on your journey sooner?
  • The airline’s re-accommodating policy – will they compensate you if you missed a connecting flight due to the delay, and pay for a hotel (including meals, taxis and toiletries)?


Flight cancellations 

If the airline cancels a flight (due to weather conditions or mechanical issues), you want to know your airline will re-accommodate you at no extra cost and with minimal inconvenience to yourself.

What to check: 

  • Are you entitled to a full refund if you request it? And will the airline put you on another airline or put you up in a hotel, covering all expenses including meals?
  • The type of service you will receive from the airline in such an event – how will the airline contact you if a flight is cancelled? And do you have to go to their service desk to re-book?


Baggage policy

Some airlines will not check your luggage through to your final destination if you have purchased separate tickets. For convenience, you may prefer to have your baggage checked through to your final destination.

What to check: 

  • The airline baggage policy – will the airline check your luggage through to your final destination? If not, what do you have to do? Have you allowed enough connection time between flights to pick up your baggage and re-check it?
  • What happens if your baggage goes missing?


Unaccompanied minors 

Low-cost carriers generally do not offer extra care for children under 12 travelling alone. Airlines have strict policies for unaccompanied minors, so it is important you are fully informed of their requirements.

What to check:

  •  The airline unaccompanied minor policy – what documentation is required?
  •  Do you have to sign any paperwork?
  • Does the minor need any identification?

Overall, the key is to be well informed about your airline’s policies and your airfare specifications so your expectations are met.

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