Hawai'i Q&A with pro-surfer Zane Schweitzer

Thu, 24/03/2016 - 4:15pm
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Extreme watersports athlete, Zane Schweitzer, sat down with us recently to give us the lowdown on his favourite spots in his home state of Hawai’i. Zane visited New Zealand recently as an ambassador for  The Ultimate Waterman, and was ultimately crowned The Ultimate Waterman 2016: 

Zane UWM winner Zane Schweitzer was crowned The Ultimate Waterman 2016. Image credit: www.facebook.com/ZaneKekoaSchweitzer


Where do you live?
Born, raised and currently living in Lahaina, Maui, Hawai'i.

Name your top 3 places to eat:
Choice Health Bar in Lahaina, Sansei’s sushi bar in Kapalua and Nobu’s local food truck (a.k.a. Nobu’s or The pink truck).

Where do you like to surf and what beach do you recommend if you’re a tourist wanting to surf?
I usually follow the biggest waves on the island, my home breaks are Honolua Bay, Punalau, Lahaina Harbor and Launiupoko. I recommend to visit Ka'anapali on west maui for an unforgettable trip where you will experience culture and be surrounded by activities and beautiful beaches and locations.

Zane Surfing. Image credit: www.facebook.com/ZaneKekoaSchweitzer Zane surfing


What is your “must do” Hawaiian experience?
Learn to surf of course with Maui Sports Adventures and also Paddle on a Hawaiian Style outrigger Canoe! I also recommend visiting some cultural and community events such as Luaus and farmers markets. Try to support the local farmers markets when you are in Hawai’i! Also, Always leave the beach with everything you brought, do not litter and if you can, pick up trash on the way out!

What is the best thing about Hawaii?
Aloha Spirit, and everything Mauka to makai! Appreciation for the land and ocean, the equal relationship with man and nature.

What is the most important thing to pack on a holiday to Hawaii?
Swimtrunks, Slippahs, a good attitude and respect! It can get expensive traveling with sporting equipment but not to worry, places in Maui like, Maui Sports Adventures has everything you and your family need for good times!!

Molokai final The beautiful cliffs of Moloka'i - one of Zane's favourite islands


Which is your favorite Island?
aui and Moloka’i. Maui is a nice balance between nature and culture. I believe its importantly to submerse yourself in the culture and local style when visiting a location.. There are a  lot of activities, restaurants, bars, shops, and fun things to do around Maui, yet still a lot of culture and Hawaiian style vibes and environment. Unlike Honolulu, which was once a beautiful place full of Hawaiian culture, today it is too much americanized for me, a city like LA on the beach. Although, you can escape it pretty easily once you get pas the traffic and get away form the city into the other beautiful sides of the island.

What is your local insider tip, place to visit, thing to do?
Enjoy the trip to the fullest and try to immerse yourself in the culture and the nature! Always malama the aina “take care of the land” by never littering trash or cigarette butts and being conscious about the Sunscreen products you use while in the ocean in Hawaii, as up to 85% of the sunscreens out there are a cause of decrease in coral growth and even responsible for the loss and decline of major reef colonies and ecosystems near more populated areas of Hawai’i.

The Ultimate Waterman competition with eight disciplines unfolded across New Zealand in March this year, with Zane taking out the title of Ultimate Waterman on Sunday 20th March 2016 at the Auckland Viaduct. For more information about The Ultimate Waterman,  visit their website here



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