Packing Guide for Travellers

Sun, 11/09/2011 - 3:34am
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Incorrectly packing for a holiday can cause inconvenience, cost time and money when you don't have the appropriate attire or toiletries. Having important items get damaged or lost in transit can really put a downer on your trip, so check our tips to avoid any of that from happening with our packing guide for travellers.

The Old Rolling vs Folding Debate
There are a number of theories on why rolling or folding your clothes is best. Some believe rolling is best as it stops creasing, saves space and makes it easier to see your clothes in the suitcase. However on the other side of the debate, some believe folding is more strategic meaning everything fits better on top of your layer of clothing. Then there are those who roll for a backpack and fold for a suitcase.

Pull out everything you need and lay it on the bed. Then put half back. You never need as much as you think.

• Take your Mother’s advice - you can never have enough clean underwear!
• Try and take a clean pair of underwear for everyday of your trip if you can.
• Pop a clean pair of underwear in your carry on luggage, just in case.
• Take a dirty laundry bag to separate clean clothes from dirty.
• Take paper back books, not hard cover as they’re lighter.
• If you’re travelling with someone, swap a set of clothes with them in each other’s suitcase, again, just in case.

♦ Only take clothes you love. Often on holiday or while travelling you don’t have much time to decide what to wear. If you take clothes you love it’s guaranteed you’ll wear them as opposed to having a whole suitcase of clothes and only wearing one or two outfits.

♦ If you’re travelling with a friend, organise one to take a hairdryer and the other to take straighteners, then share while you’re away so you don’t have two of each.

You can only take 100mls of liquids in your carry on baggage now. You can buy miniatures of most brands which come in handy for your carry on luggage, however hotel toiletries often work well also! Collect toiletries from your hotels and keep on hand for your next trip.

♦ You can’t be too careful with liquids. Double bag is best! Put your toiletry bag in a plastic bag. Opening your suitcase at your destination to find you have shampoo all over the entire contents of your bag is not an ideal start to a trip.

Think about your trip and the size of your luggage. Do you really need the biggest suitcase for a two night trip to Sydney?

♦ Ensure your suitcase is sturdy enough to last your journey. It can be embarrassing to have your suitcase zip break and your contents fall out as it’s going around the carousel at the airport.

♦ If you’re buying new luggage, think about buying another colour other than black. The majority of traveller’s luggage is black and can be really hard to identify on the airport carousel. Other option is to buy a coloured luggage strap to differentiate your suitcase.

♦ Double check your luggage receipt from the airline with the barcode on your bag before taking it. Often luggage can look quite similar.

♦ Airlines often have difference baggage and carry on allowances, always check before you travel so you’re not caught out at the airport and have to empty your suitcase into your friends in the check in queue.

♦ If you’re going for a shopping trip, pack light on the way over and take a foldable bag in your suitcase for any additional purchases. Always bear your luggage limit in mind with this however!

Do you have any packing tips to share? Feel free to post your tips in the comments section below.

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