Practical packing for China

Thu, 24/11/2011 - 8:09pm
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Flight Centre travel expert Moana McRae from our Rotorua store has just returned from China. Moana shares with us some practical packing tips for a visit to this diverse and historical land.

The most useful pieces of travel advice I receive are not always the top sites to see.  The practical, less glamorous snippets that fellow travellers have awkwardly learned from also go a long way to making for an enjoyable holiday.

On this trip to China I was fortunate enough to have had my sister return two weeks prior. Armed with first hand knowledge her advice proved invaluable. Here I've added to that my own experiences and have compiled a list of “Practical packing for China”.

Tissues, Antibacterial wipes and Hand Sanitiser

You’ll need to adapt to the fact that Western toilets are few and far between and at some point you’ll need to use one. More often than not toilet paper is not a given, and hand washing facilities are not always on offer.

Great Wall of China

Walking Shoes

Not just your standard walk to the end of the street kind but a good sturdy pair that will help you combat the Great Wall. The Great Wall is deceiving and the steps have a huge incline.  You will be vertical in parts. Sturdy shoes will also come in handy when you are navigating your way through the Silk Markets. With rows of stalls, good shoes will make your shopping experiences so much easier.

Multiple Money pouches

One of the best ways to barter is to only show small amounts of money. When bartering don’t show the sellers how much money you have they’ll try to keep the price high. Have one wallet handy then top it up from there.


Light wind breaker

Weather can be unpredictable so make sure you carry a light wind breaker for the changes. After leaving the Hotel in a t-shirt I soon learned that temperatures drop considerably in the afternoon.

Empty Suitcases

Shopping is amazing in China and you can grab yourself a bargain. Even if you have no intention of shopping, chances are you will end up buying more than you planned too. From silk sheets, to handbags to enamel vases there is something for everyone.


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