Weird Travel Promotions

Wed, 23/04/2014 - 5:37am
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Some countries go to extreme lengths to entice visitors to travel there. Others go to weird lengths, like Thailand, who earlier this year offered a free nip and tuck to tourists.

The country is already infamous for "surgery holidays", where people on their Thailand holidays get cosmetic surgery done for half the price of what they'd pay back home.

But the Thailand Tourism Authority went next level by running a competition where the 3 winners scored free facial surgery with their luxury vacation.

In order to be in to win this life-changing (well, face-changing at least) event, entrants needed to say why they felt they needed the surgery so badly. The ultimate decision was to be left in the hands of the Thai public.

Thailand holidays

Weirdness in travel isn't restricted to just Thailand though. Fun-loving Germany have turned the other cheek, and are now encouraging public nudity in Munich.

The city has set up 6 designated areas where visitors can de-robe and enjoy the gentle caress of fresh air on skin. Be prepared for some curious glances though, as there are no high fences here to protect any nudist's modesty!

AKA Hotel New York

It shouldn't come as any big surprise that the United States can do weirdness, but New York is always a little bit special. Where else could tourists pay over $2000 per night to sleep outside?

A couple of New York hotels offer guests the opportunity to sleep under the stars on their private balconies, with fancy beds and even a fireplace. Presumably there are also some very nice umbrellas included for when it starts to rain...

So go your own way and get out to see the world. Weirdness awaits!

(New York image source: AKA Hotels)