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What you need to know about the Trans-Tasman travel bubble

Fri, 23/04/2021 - 2:22pm
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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Travel from New Zealand to Australia has been allowed since 19 April 2021. 

  • There are strict conditions of travel that must be followed.

  • You do not currently need a negative COVID-19 test to travel between New Zealand and Australia.

  • You must wear a face covering in all airports, on all flights. 

  • Travel conditions could change at any time and quickly so stay up to date.

  • Book onto Green Zone flights which are only for Australia-New Zealand travel bubble passengers. Red Zone flights are for all other countries. The two zones are separate in the airports.


The time has finally come to dust off our passports and start heading overseas. Because of our close relationship with our mates across the ditch, the first quarantine-free travel bubble has opened between New Zealand and Australia. It’s not all friendly rivalries and banter, there are some conditions and information you need to know. Let's take a look at the New Zealand Safe Travel Zone as it is named in Australia or Quarantine Free Travel (QFT) in NZ.

When Can I travel Quarantine-Free Between Australia And New Zealand?

From 11:59pm New Zealand time (9:59pm AEST) on the 18th April 2021.

Are There Conditions?


To travel from New Zealand to Australia you must:

  • Have been in New Zealand for the last 14 days
  • Undergo health screening at the airport
  • Abide by local requirements and check these before travel
  • Wear a mask while traveling (including on the plane) and follow any local rules at the destination 

To travel from Australia to New Zealand you must:

  • Have been in Australia for the last 14 days
  • Not have had a positive COVID-19 test during the 14 days before travel
  • Not be awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test that was undergone during the 14-day period
  • Complete a pre-departure health declaration
  • Have no cold or flu symptoms
  • Meet New Zealand immigration requirements as per your travel itineraries

It is very important to remember these conditions may change at any time and at short notice.

Aerial view of the Gold Coast
Aerial view of the Gold Coast. Image credit: Shutterstock

Will I Need A Negative COVID-19 Test To Travel Between NZ and Australia?

Not currently. This may change if there is a case in either country so make sure you check before travelling.

What Do I need To Do When Travelling?

From New Zealand to Australia you:

From Australia to New Zealand you:

  • Need to complete an online travel Declaration from this link
  • Need to check the Smart Traveller website for the latest travel information
  • Need to download the NZ COVID Tracer app which you will use to check into businesses, services and events all across New Zealand. This app assists with fast and easy contract tracing should there be a case detected.
  • Must turn on Bluetooth tracing in the app so it can anonymously log phones you have been near and alert you if you have been close to a positive COVID-19 case
  • Must isolate yourself in your accommodation and call the NZ Healthline on 0800 611 116  for advice if you feel unwell at any time.
  • Must wear a face covering on international and domestic flights, at your arrival airport and on all public transport around New Zealand unless exempt
  • Must practise good hygiene

Wearing a mask at the airport
Wearing a mask at the airport. Image credit: Shutterstock

What Happens If There Is An Outbreak While I Am Away?

It is important to understand that conditions could change at any time and quickly. If there is an outbreak your travel could be delayed or you might have to return to your country of origin, undertake a COVID-19 test, self-isolate on return home or even go into managed quarantine.

Keep in mind that it will be your responsibility to take on any costs and it's essential to be familiar with the terms and conditions of your booking and have read and understood the product disclosure statement of your insurance.

Other Important Info

  • You don’t have to spend 14 days in your destination, you can visit for any length of time as long as you have been in your country of origin for at least 14 days prior to travel.
  • Time spent in Niue or the Cook Islands does not count towards the 14 days in NZ before travel to Australia.
  • If you are traveling on a temporary immigation visa, it's important to speak to Home Affairs in Australia or Immigration NZ in New Zealand before traveling and check your visa conditions. Re-entry into your country of origin is not guaranteed.
  • We highly recommend getting travel insurance and asking us what can be covered. More travel insurance info here.
  • If a passenger becomes unwell during a flight, they will be isolated and upon arrival a health assessment will be done and decisions will be made about the next steps.
  • Biosecurity laws and checks will remain the same in both countries


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This blog was originally written by Caitlin MacDonald for Flight Centre Australia.

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