Accommodation in Japan

Combine the exotic with the familiar

Japan can overwhelm first-time visitors and experienced travellers alike with its crowded cityscapes, exotic street signs and wonderfully hectic pace of life. Major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo positively hum with the hustle and bustle of modern life, however Japan's major metropolises are also home many upscale westernised hotels.

When Japan's heaving city streets begin to grate, check in to a Four Seasons, Hilton or Grand Hyatt hotel to rest and recuperate ahead of your next adventure. Or otherwise shop around for a great deal on one of the countless other 5-star hotels which offer the chance to step back and relax in the heart of Japan's most pulsating cities.

Relax in an authentic ryokan

Japan's answer to bed and breakfast hotels are the traditional Edo-era ryokan dotted throughout many major cities. These old-world Japanese inns once served weary travellers who traipsed along Japan's well-worn highways, though these days they're aimed at visitors looking to sample an experience of old Japan.

Some of the country's most authentic ryokan are located in the old imperial capital Kyoto. Renowned for its hidden temples, pretty Zen gardens and the popular Philosopher's Walk meandering along the canal between Ginkaku-ji and Nanzen-ji, it's the perfect place to relax in a tatami-covered ryokan and sample a taste of old Japan.

Climb into a capsule hotel

Japan's unique accommodation isn't limited to its ryokan and the manga cafes which double as overnight lodgings for bleary-eyed comic fans. Some of the most iconic Japan accommodation comes in the form of its capsule hotels, most of which are clustered around the country's train stations.

The first capsule hotel opened in Osaka in 1979 and since then, these quirky dormitories have spread to all corners of the country. From Hokkaido to Kyushu and everywhere in between, spending a night in a capsule hotel is an enjoyable way to experience some truly unique Japanese accommodation.

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