When is the best time to travel to Adelaide

The weather in Adelaide does vary, with some hot weather in summer and cool winters. There’s something special to experience any time of year, so the best time to travel to Adelaide depends on your agenda. February and March is busy in the city, with arts and sporting festivals bringing many visitors. Autumn and early winter is a beautiful time to enjoy a meal by an open fire, something many restaurants and wineries offer. However, rainfall in Adelaide is highest during the cooler months with June averaging the most rainfall, so be prepared by packing for all conditions.

What is Summer like in Adelaide?

Summer in Adelaide can be very warm, but the city also has the lowest humidity in Australia, which helps to keep you comfortable. From late December to early February, Adelaide temperatures can reach 40°C, so avoid staying out in the sun for extended periods. Seek out indoor activities, and cool off with a swim in the afternoon. Appropriate clothing: Shorts and a t-shirt. Don't forget: Sunscreen, a hat and swimwear.

What is Autumn like in Adelaide?

As tree-lined walkways become tinged with red and orange leaves, the weather in Adelaide becomes even more pleasant. Autumn in Adelaide is characterised by warm, sunny days and crisp nights, particularly towards the end of the season. Adelaide Hills usually drop a few degrees cooler, so pack a jumper if you're heading out to explore. Appropriate clothing: T-shirt and light cardigan. Don't forget: A jumper and long pants for cool evenings.

What is Winter like in Adelaide?

Winter in Adelaide often has warm sunny days, with nights cooling down to an average of 7°C. It's best to wear layers during the day as light winds can make the air feel cooler. Rainfall is most common during winter months, so carrying an umbrella or rain jacket is always wise. Appropriate clothing: Long pants, a jumper or jacket. Don't forget: An umbrella and a scarf.

What is Spring like in Adelaide?

As the parklands turn a vibrant green, spring in Adelaide means gardens are in full bloom. Nights can still be cool, averaging between 9-13°C, with temperatures dropping once the sun goes down. Once daylight saving begins in October, the days become warmer, averaging between 21-24°C. Low rainfall makes this a great time to visit. Appropriate clothing: Shorts with a jumper, or pants with a t-shirt. Don't forget: A hat and sunscreen.