When is the best time to travel to Amsterdam?

The weather in Amsterdam can mean clear blue skies and pleasant sun, but, as is hallmark of Northern Europe, it can often be grey, chilly and wet. So it’s best to be prepared with a light rain coat and layers no matter what time of year you visit.  Tulip season is arguably the best time to travel to Amsterdam – in the beautiful springtime months of April and May. This is not only to see the Netherland’s famous flower, but also to escape the bulk of tourist season. Plus, your chances of enjoying good weather is high. As you can imagine, the warmer summer months from June to August are the busiest in terms of tourists in Amsterdam.

What is Summer like in Amsterdam?

Summer in Amsterdam is sunshine, humidity and short bursts of rain, with locals making the most of the clear days in the city's many parks, terrace bars, and cafes. It does depend on where you go, though: many areas out of the inner-city hustle and bustle provide respite for some peaceful basking in the sun and create that laidback summertime vibe for which Amsterdam is well known. Appropriate clothing: Light t-shirts, shorts or skirts, or summer dresses. Don't forget: A light rain jacket or umbrella.
Amsterdam is super relaxed in summer, with the Dutch making the most of the sunshine

What is Autumn like in Amsterdam?

Autumn falls in the ‘offseason' in Amsterdam, which can mean fewer tourists, less expense, and a more authentic Dutch experience. You'll enjoy less of a wait to see the city's famous museums, and you can experience the warmth of a hearty Dutch pea soup in restaurants. You should still get to enjoy some warm, sunny days for bicycle rides through the beautiful parks and a refreshing beer at a canal-side terrace bar. Appropriate clothing: Layers that you can put on or remove as needed. Don't forget: A warm jacket.
Amsterdam turns a gorgeous golden colour in autumn

What is Winter like in Amsterdam?

Winter is the cheapest time to visit the Dutch capital, and while it's cold, it still makes for a magical getaway. Ice skate, relish some typical Dutch winter dishes, or enjoy a hot chocolate in a cosy pub. Snowfall will usually happen in the region's coldest months of January and February, when the temperature averages from 0 to 5°C. Appropriate clothing: Layers and warm clothing are a must. Don't forget: A waterproof coat and windproof hat.
Winter can be crisp and chilly in Amsterdam, with ice skating a favourite pastime when the canals freeze over.

What is Spring like in Amsterdam?

Springtime is said to be the best and most beautiful time to visit Amsterdam. Aside from tulip season, you'll enjoy the region's best weather (the region's driest month falls in April), and fewer tourists. Soak in the sunshine in the park, or enjoy beer with a view from a canal-side terrace bar. Appropriate clothing: Layers that you can put on or remove as needed. Don't forget: A hat.
Colour blooms everywhere in Amsterdam during springtime.