How to get around Amsterdam

As you might expect in a city of its size, getting around in Amsterdam is easy and affordable whether you choose to walk, join the locals on the brilliantly executed bikeways, or catch the tram.  Often, exploring by foot is the preferred choice of tourists, but hiring a bike is also popular. From the seat of a cycle, you can see the city through the eyes of a local, effortlessly explore areas further out from the city, and even enjoy a leisurely ride though Amsterdam’s many parklands.

Public transport

Much like many European cities, public transport in Amsterdam is a magnificent system of trams, trains, busses, ferries that'll take you exactly where you need to go, or near enough, without fuss or lengthy waits at stations. Depending on how long you're staying and what shoes you decide to wear, many different public transport passes may be good value for the wallet and the feet.
Trains in Amsterdam can take you all over the city as well as connect you to the rest of Europe.

By bike

Amsterdam is a city of cyclists. In fact, there are more bikes in the city then there are residents (some 850,000!). Cycling is, plain and simple, a way of life. Amsterdammers use their bikes to get to work, do the grocery shopping, and pick up the kids from school. So rent a bike from one of many bike hire centres and wind your way around the city like the locals do.
What better way to get around Amsterdam than making like a local and hiring a bike?

On foot

Walking in Amsterdam is another excellent way to get around and to simply experience the essence of the city. Spend a pleasant summer afternoon wandering through the maze of leafy canals, gabled houses, and enchanting alleyways. Alternatively, join a free guided walking tour and learn more about the history of specific sights – just be sure to tip your guide at the end!
Walking is one of the easiest and best ways to get around the streets of Amsterdam


A ride in an Amsterdam taxi is a reliable and convenient way to get to where you need to be, especially when travelling to and from the airport with loads of luggage in tow. Ensure you hail a licensed taxi; look for the blue number plates and roof lights displaying the name of their operator, and ensure that the taxi meter is always on.