When is the best time to travel to Athens?

The weather in Athens features distinct seasons that range from hot, dry summers to cold wet winters. In fact, the city has a huge variation in temperatures across the year. Summer days can be oppressive with heatwaves seeing the Athens temperature climb to 40°C. Meanwhile, winter sees the mercury drop to just 10°C with minimal sunlight in December. This means spring, early summer and autumn are generally considered the best times to travel to Athens, with the added bonus of avoiding the summer crowds and inflated peak season rates.

What is Summer like in Athens?

Summer sees tourists flock to Athens as Europe embraces its major annual holidays, but the heat may not be for the faint-hearted. Daily temperatures can climb as high as 40°C, with July averages of 33°C and August averages of 34°C. Appropriate clothing: Singlets and shorts Don't forget: A water bottle and hat – the summer heat can be intense

What is Autumn like in Athens?

Come September the frenetic tourism pace of Athens dies down and the temperature eases off to allow perfect conditions to explore this ancient city. Autumn also allows tourists to enjoy a dip in the warm and inviting sea. Appropriate clothing: Shorts and t-shirts for daytime, with a light jumper for evenings when the weather cools off Don't forget: Walking shoes

What is Winter like in Athens?

With frequent rainy days and temperatures in the low teens, winter is a quieter time in and around Athens. In fact, December is the wettest month of the year, with an Athens rainfall of almost 100ml. If you're willing to brave the wet and cold, the rates are cheap and the sites can be seen without the crowds. Appropriate clothing: Jumpers, jeans, and a jacket Don't forget: An umbrella

What is Spring like in Athens?

Spring offers the opportunity for Athens to shine in its full, reinvigorated glory. This time of year sees an abundance of wild flowers, while the crowds are still manageable and the rates are budget-friendly. Appropriate clothing: Shorts, t-shirts, and warmer options should the weather get cool Don't forget: A jumper for the evenings