How to get around Athens

Whether it’s on foot, by bike or via underground rail, Athens transport has a host of options to see you easily navigate this ancient city.  The Metro system is often the preferred transport for visitors as it provides access to all the major city sites without negotiating the city’s notorious traffic. Meanwhile, many streets in tourism areas have now been closed to cars, offering the perfect opportunity to explore much of Athens and its endless delights on foot. Best of all, the city’s transport is budget friendly, and day passes are readily available.

Athens taxis

There are an estimated 15,000 taxis in Athens, and using them is generally affordable. Ensure you check the meter when you get in as overcharging of unwitting foreigners can occur. Taxis operate on daytime rates until midnight (ensure the meter is set to ‘1' during these times) and night-time rates after midnight (the meter should be set to ‘2').

Athens public transport

Athens features an extensive and inexpensive public transport system that encompasses trains, trams, trolleys, underground rail, and buses. For most visitors the underground rail system, or Metro, offers the greatest convenience, easily servicing major sites of the city. However, if you're after a casual ride and coastal views, check out the trams that run from Syntagma.

Athens bike hire

Experience the beauty and ambience of Athens with the comfort and convenience of two wheels, courtesy of the readily available Athens bike hire. The city features an ever-increasing array of bike paths and parks to explore as it embraces the cycling culture. There are a host of hire companies and hotels with bike hire available, with many also offering guided cycling tours of the city.

Walking Athens

As most of the Athens sightseeing occurs around the city centre, walking Athens is a great way to discover ancient wonders, shopping and fabulous eateries in one fell swoop. Much of the city has also been made pedestrian-friendly. If you're planning on exploring Athens by foot, be sure to take a water bottle and a hat.