When is the best time to travel to Auckland

Generally speaking, there’s no wrong time of year to visit Auckland. Regardless of when you visit, or the day-to-day weather in Auckland, you’ll find that there’s plenty on in the City of Sails to satisfy your wanderlust.  Hit the beach during the warmer seasons and get into the hills for some exquisite hiking adventures, or retire to the city’s many galleries on a rainy autumn afternoon. From the sunny summer months to the wetter winters, Auckland will keep you entertained, well-fed and full of energy year-round.

What is Summer like in Auckland?

Widely considered the best time to travel to Auckland, summer is a time of sunshine but also mild temperatures. The mercury rarely rises above 25°C and remains mild during the evening. This means trips to the beach and into the many parks and mountainous areas near the city are the perfect ways to while away the sunny days. Appropriate clothing: A bit of everything – jeans and jumpers, but also shirts and shorts. Don't forget: Sunscreen – the temperatures may be mild but you can still get sunburnt!

What is Autumn like in Auckland?

The Auckland temperature begins to drop rather late during autumn, only beginning a descent in mid-April before settling into colder temperatures during late May and June. As the temperature begins to drop, the city also sees a rise in the amount of wet weather. While still reasonably sunny and mild during autumn, you may be forced indoors here and there as the winter rains begin to roll in. Appropriate clothing: Jeans and jumpers. Don't forget: Your AT HOP card for getting around safely when it's raining.

What is Winter like in Auckland?

Known for the long bouts of Auckland rainfall, winter is by far the region's wettest period. The good news is that the bulk of the wet is confined to July and begins to wane somewhat in August and September. The temperature has now hit its lowest point with highs of around 10°C. The perfect weather for grabbing a cuppa and heading to the Auckland Art Gallery, wouldn't you agree? Appropriate clothing: Waterproof everything, warm clothes, and layers. Don't forget: An umbrella.

What is Spring like in Auckland?

Finally, the rain eases, the sun returns, and the temperature begins its steady climb back to the summer norm. Time to get back out into the great outdoors! The mildest of all Auckland seasons, spring is a time when the beautiful New Zealand green comes roaring back to life, and the whole city is a riot of colour. Appropriate clothing: Jeans and jumpers. Don't forget: Sunglasses – it can get glary in spring.