What are the best parks in Bangkok?

To take a break from the hustle and bustle of this modern city, head to one of Bangkok's parks or gardens. Join the locals and head to the shady Saranrom Royal Garden, hire a paddle boat at Benjakiti Park, or stroll the grassy grounds of Sanam Luang.  Peaceful parks can be found near many of Bangkok's landmarks, so you’ll always be close to one when you need a respite from the city or a quiet space for a picnic. Just keep in mind that most of the parks here prohibit smoking, drinking, and the removal of footwear.

Lumphini Park

Created in the 1920s, Lumphini Park is the biggest and most popular park in Bangkok. You can take part in tai chi or aerobics classes with the locals. Alternatively, find a quiet spot all to yourself to enjoy some solitary relaxation. If you want to cool off, sip a Thai iced tea sold by one of the park vendors, or rent a paddleboat for a ride on the artificial lake.
Lumphini Park is an oasis close to downtown Bangkok

Sanam Luang

Surrounded by landmarks like the Grand Palace and the National Museum, Sanam Luang is a good place to rest after sightseeing. Its name means ‘royal turf' and many ceremonies involving the Royal Family are held here. Stroll through the oval field, play games, or just sit and enjoy a picnic. In March, colourful kites fill up the sky – this is the main location for traditional Thai kite flying.
The glittering gold of the Grand Palace in Sanam Luang Park, Bangkok.

Saranrom Royal Garden

Once used exclusively by the Royal Family and their guests, the Saranrom Royal Garden is now open to the public. It's Bangkok's first botanic garden, offering shady lawns, green ponds, and small gazebos – perfect for relaxing. Saranrom is also home to a strikingly famous monument dedicated to a queen and princess who tragically drowned during a boating accident in 1890.
Royal monument in Suan Saranrom Park, Bangkok, Thailand.

Chuvit Garden

Chuvit Garden was created in 2006 by a Thai politician who owns the area. This small plot of land, formerly known as Sukhumvit Square, is only a few blocks away from some of the city's biggest shopping centres. The private garden is only open to the public at specific times, but catch it just right and it's the perfect place to stop for a breather before or after some retail therapy.

Benjakiti Park

The Benjakiti Park is a beautiful place to pause and reflect on your Bangkok holiday so far. Enjoy views of the lake, fountains and surrounding flowers. Separate pathways for joggers and cyclists mean you can set your own pace in peace. Alternatively, if you want to join the fun, there are places to rent bikes and paddle boats.
The colour and tranquility of Benjakiti Park, Bangkok, Thailand.

Romaneenart Park

Romaneenart Park is just a few minutes' walk from the Giant Swing on one side and Chinatown on another. Make a stop in this park a priority during your time walking around the city. This is the former site for the Bangkok Central Jail and the current home of the Corrections Museum, so there's plenty of history to discover as well as green space.
Tower at Romaneenart Park, Bangkok Thailand.