When is the best time to travel to Berlin

The weather in Berlin can have some bearing on your holiday plans, so knowing what you want to do will dictate the best time to travel to Berlin.  Seasons are fairly true to type, with winters being quite cold and summer warm. Rainfall in Berlin remains stable throughout much of the year, even during the warm weather of July and August.  Whatever the season, Berlin is an amazing city that takes advantage of seasonal conditions with open-air festivals or even schneeballschlacht (snowball fights in the middle of Tiergarten Park).

What is Summer like in Berlin?

Summer in Berlin can be hot, with the temperature sometimes reaching 30°C. While the days tend to be quite warm, the weather can change quickly, so a rain jacket is always useful. Some of the city's best attractions and events take place in summer, so this is a great time to visit. Appropriate clothing: Shorts and a t-shirt Don't forget: A hat and sunscreen

What is Autumn like in Berlin?

The beautiful colouring of Berlin in autumn makes it a great time to visit. Temperatures are quite similar to spring, with an average between 12 and 20°C during the day. When you're planning on sightseeing, take a rain jacket or a jumper to keep you warm. Appropriate clothing: Long pants and a t-shirt or shorts and a jumper Don't forget: A rain jacket in case of showers

What is Winter like in Berlin?

During winter in Berlin, it's not uncommon for temperatures to drop to -10°, or possibly even lower. The average temperature during winter tends to be around 0°C. Frost and snow occur regularly in January and February, with the Spree River sometimes freezing over. Appropriate clothing: Thick winter jackets, beanie and scarf Don't forget: A pair of gloves!

What is Spring like in Berlin?

The mild weather of spring in Berlin makes this a wonderful time to experience all the city has to offer. With the average temperature ranging between 12 and 20°C, spring weather may occasionally be accompanied by a shower of rain, so a waterproof jacket or umbrella should be carried in your day bag. Appropriate clothing: Long pants and a t-shirt or shorts and a jumper Don't forget: Good walking shoes