How to get around Berlin

Transport in Berlin is not only easy to navigate but also cheap to use. There are more than 20 different train lines between the overground (S-Bahn) and underground (U-Bahn) systems, as well as bus, tram and even ferry lines. Of course, there’s also the option of hailing one of the Berlin taxis for a convenient transport option as well.  If you like to get a little more active during your visit, walking in Berlin is also a good idea, with a number of attractions in close proximity. Otherwise, take advantage of the many pathways with Berlin bike hire, and see the city from the seat of a bicycle.

Berln taxis

Sometimes you just want to take the most convenient transport option available, which is when Berlin taxis come in handy. Many of the main streets and landmarks have nearby taxi ranks, as well as most hotels. Similar to Australia, taxis are metered, so you can see the final cost as you arrive at your destination.

Berlin public transport

When it comes to Berlin public transport, the U-Bahn and S-Bahn are hard to beat. The U-Bahn operates all night on Fridays and Saturdays, with regular services available between 4am through to 12:30am. While the S-Bahn (aboveground) system is less frequent, it's useful for travelling longer distances. For sightseeing, the tram and bus system is simple and cost-effective.

Berlin bike hire

Berlin bike hire is simple, with rental stations located throughout the city. Bike lanes can be found almost everywhere in Berlin, allowing for easy sightseeing. As with any time you're cycling, be mindful of other road traffic and obey the road rules. Once you set off, either follow the pathways to see where they take you, or plan your route to get to the places you wish to visit.

Berlin on foot

If you plan on walking in Berlin, keep in mind that the city is quite spread out. You might be able to cover some of the main tourist destinations, such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, are within walking distance of each other, but some will require bike hire or public transport to reach. There are also guided walking tours which take in a lot of the city's sights within three or four hours, providing a good starting point for exploring Berlin.