Berlin travel tips

When you’re planning a holiday, it’s good to be up to date on the latest Berlin travel tips. Knowing which essential visa information you require, as well as which Berlin airport you will be flying into, gives you the basics to plan for the trip of a lifetime. Be prepared to enjoy everything this amazing city has to offer, from dining to shopping and history galore.  While German is the main language spoken, you’ll be happy to know many locals speak English as well. For more essential Berlin travel advice, be sure to read the details below.

Germany visas

If you're visiting Berlin as a tourist and staying less than 90 days, you won't need to apply for a German visa. However, as is the case with many international destinations, you'll need to ensure your Australian passport has a minimum of six months' validity from your planned return date. Should you plan to cross the border during your visit, be sure to carry your passport.

Germany currency

As of 2002, the currency in Germany is the euro, which is the official currency of the European Union. The euro's denominations are similar to the breakdown of the Australian dollar, with banknotes starting at €5. When converted to the Australian dollar, the Euro has remained quite strong, so keep that in mind when exchanging money for local cash.

Berlin food

There's an endless array of Berlin food experiences to enjoy. The city has so many options to suit each type of budget, ensuring you can grab a quick snack or enjoy a long dinner paired with tasty German wines. In addition to an amazing restaurant scene, there's plenty of street food to be enjoyed here too, including the traditional currywurst.

Tipping in Berlin

Most restaurants and hotels factor service charges into your bill, so tipping in Berlin is generally not required. While it's certainly acceptable to tip if you wish, it isn't expected for many places. You can also check the menu of a cafe or restaurant to see if the cost of service is advised.

German electrical plugs and voltage

German plugs and voltage are different from Australia, so a universal adapter can make your stay a little easier. The electrical current is 220V, alternating current, with the wall plug shaped with two round plugs. Before using any appliances, it's best to double check them for compatibility with German electrical plugs.

Language in Berlin

The main language in Berlin is German, and it's always good manners to learn a few local phrases if you're planning a visit. English is spoken in many official sites, and many locals will also understand some English phrases. Words like hotel, taxi and restaurant are also easily recognisable, even when written in German.

Berlin Airports

Currently, there are two international airports in Berlin: Tegel and Schonefeld. The new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BER) is in construction in Schonefeld and will take over as the only airport once finished. Flights to Berlin are available from most Australian and European cities, and transport both to and from the airport is plentiful.