Best time to travel to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires sits around the same latitude as Sydney. The best time to travel to Buenos Aires depends on several factors (such as festivals and events) but if you’re travelling with only climate in mind, the shoulder seasons of Autumn and Spring have the mildest temperatures. Summers are warm with average highs around 28 degrees celsius and winters can be cool but are not cold. January and February tend to be humid (sound familiar?) 

What is Summer like in Buenos Aires?

Summer in Buenos Aires regarded as being from 21 December to 20 March and temperatures range from average lows of 19 degrees celsius to average highs of 29 degrees celsius. January is definitely the hottest month and as mentioned above, summer can be humid. Appropriate clothing: Light, summer clothing. Don't forget: The sunscreen and a hat

What is Autumn like in Buenos Aires?

Autumn in Buenos Aires runs from 21 March to 20 June and is one of the best times to travel – just after the rush of summer but before the weather gets cooler. This is also loosely the time of year for Carnaval (Mardi Gras) in Buenos Aires, which occurs the week before Lent. Appropriate clothing: Summery clothes. Don't forget: To book ahead if you want to be there during Carnaval!

What is Winter like in Buenos Aires?

The winters in Buenos Aires stretch from 21 June to 20 September, with August being the driest month of the year. This is also the time when you'll see the least tourists in the Argentine capital. Winter temperatures can drop to average lows of 8 degrees celsius so while you won't need a duck-down North Face jacket, you will want a coat in the evenings. Appropriate clothing: Long trousers, warm shirts, and jackets Don't forget: Warm but well dressed if you're going to Teatro Colon

What is Spring like in Buenos Aires?

One of the biggest springtime draw-cards of Buenos Aires is something we also have in Australia: jacarandas in bloom. That said, it's still beautiful. Spring is an ideal time to visit Buenos Aires because the humidity hasn't yet kicked in but the chill of winter is gone. Spring in Buenos Aires goes from 21 September to 20 December and keep an eye out for the World Tango Festival which takes place in the middle of October. Appropriate clothing: Dress in layers, with a light jacket for night Don't forget: Your camera for all those beautiful jacaranda trees