Do I need a passport to travel overseas?

Yes. To travel internationally all countries require foreign nationals to be in possession of a valid passport. Generally the validity of the passport must be greater than six months. If you lose your passport overseas, contact the New Zealand embassy or consulate in that country immediately so that they can arrange a replacement. You won’t be able to leave the foreign country without the official document.

How do I apply for a passport?

In New Zealand, you can apply for a passport at any Flight Centre store and many New Zealand Post outlets around the country. In addition, it's also possible to apply for passports online.


All New Zealand passports issued recently are ePassports and feature an integrated circuit or chip. This chip stores your name, sex, date of birth, nationality, passport number and passport expiry date. For travellers this chip helps prevent identity fraud and also facilities a streamlined movement through customs. 

How do I use SmartGate?

Step 1

Place your ePassport into the reader and answer the standard declarations using the touch screen. The kiosk will issue you a SmartGate ticket.

Step 2

Insert your SmartGate ticket.

Step 3

Look at the camera so that your face can be compared to your ePassport photo.

Step 4

Retrieve your ticket. When the gates open, proceed to the baggage hall.

Step 5

Collect your luggage and go to the Customs and Border Protection check-point. Hand in your SmartGate ticket and Incoming Passenger Card.



Do I need a visa to travel to an overseas country?

Depending on diplomatic relations, some countries require New Zealanders to obtain a tourist visa either prior to arrival or at the point of entry. Visas allow holiday-makers to remain in that country for a specific period of time.

Always check with the country's consulate or embassy regarding whether you need a visa and the travel conditions of the visa. For countries that don't require a visa, there is usually a specific period of time that you are permitted to stay in that country.

Visa requirements for New Zealanders travelling overseas

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