How to get around Christchurch

Getting around Christchurch is easy, in part due to its small size, but also thanks to the reliable Christchurch transport system. The Metro network of buses and trams run into and around the city centre. Alternatively, see the sites by foot or hire a bicycle. Christchurch is also a transport hub for excursions out of the city. Scenic train routes and short ferry journeys will take you swiftly onto new destinations within the Canterbury Region and beyond. However you decide to travel, you’re unlikely to be too far from where you’d like to be. This means valuable holiday time won’t need to be spent on commuting.

Christchurch taxis

There are a number of taxi services around Christchurch ready to take you safely to your destination. Taking Christchurch taxis remains the most direct way to move around town, so either call a local taxi service or hail one if its light is showing it as available. Ride-sharing apps like Uber also operate in Christchurch.

Christchurch public transport

If you're planning to travel on Christchurch public transport then it's worthwhile getting a Metrocard. These can be bought from a number of convenience stores and even libraries. Your Metrocard will grant you access to every bus, tram and train in the city and multiple people can use one card on any given trip, you just need to tell the driver and they will charge for the correct number of people. It's also more affordable than buying single or return trip fares, as Metrocard users get a discounted rate.

Walking Christchurch

Seeing a city by foot is sometimes difficult, but due to its small size, walking Christchurch is a very feasible travel option. Go at your own pace and get orientated with the city, while getting your holiday exercise quota done too. If you're visiting in spring, make the most of the city's beautiful weather and head out on foot. You never know what you'll find.

Christchurch bike hire

Fancy getting around the city a little faster? Then searching out a Christchurch bike hire outlet is the way to go. There are many bike rental stores in the CBD that provide road, hybrid and mountain bikes for you to use while on holiday. As throughout New Zealand, it's mandatory to wear a bike helmet.