Can I book my flight or hotel using the app?

Yes. Simply tap “Search” and you can select flight or hotel and you are on your way to finding the best deal for you.


Can I book a multi-stop or round-the-world flight using the app?

For bookings that require multiple stops, you can contact one of our experienced Round The World Experts on 0800 24 35 44.


How do I set my country?

Under settings, select your Country Settings - choose between New Zealand and Australia to see local airports, relevant deals and prices displayed in your currency.


How do I manage push notifications?

Under settings or on the deals creen, you can opt in or out of Flight Club push notifications.


Trip and Booking Management


Why can’t I find my trips using my email?

Online bookings made before the 22nd of January won’t appear on in the Flight Centre App, only those booked after or on the 22nd of January will appear. If you believe this is in error please contact us on 0800 24 35 44.

In store bookings made before the 6th of February won’t appear on in the Flight Centre App, only those booked after or on the 6th of February will appear. If you believe this is in error, first contact your consultant and if you are unable to contact then please contact 24/7 number.


How do I setup trips in the Flight Centre App?

Follow the step by step process here to setup your trips. Please remember that by clicking on the “view itinerary” button in the confirmation email will activate trips in the App.


Why do I need to authenticate my email with the Flight Centre App?

The reason why we require this extra step is that we make sure that only you and your agent can view your itinerary. You will only have to do authenticate your email once. All future bookings under that same email address will appear here.


Why can’t I sign in with other methods (E.g. Facebook)?

This function isn’t currently available however we are looking into how we make this possible.


I never received an email to confirm my email address?

If you believe you are having issues confirming your email address through the App please contact 0800 24 35 44.


What if I have more than one email?

The email you supplied when booking flights online or instore will be the email you need to use to see your trips in the Flight Centre App or online. If you have bookings on separate emails you can choose to update your bookings to have the same emails. The Flight Centre App can only be authenticated with one email at a time.


What if I change or update my email?

You will need to inform Flight Centre of any contact information changes. Please contact your travel consultant if you booked in store and if you booked online please call us on 0800 24 35 44.


How do I share my trip with friends and family?

Right now you will need to ask your friendly travel agent or call us on 0800 24 35 44 to add other people to your trip.


Can I view my trips offline in the Flight Centre App?

Yes, you will be able to view your trips offline in the Flight Centre App.


How do I make changes to my Flight Centre trip?

To make changes to your trip please contact your travel consultant if you booked in store or our customer support centre on 0800 24 35 44 if you made the booking in app or website.


Can I still print my itinerary?

Yes by printing the pdf you received in your itinerary confirmation or visiting the desktop view of your itinerary.


Why aren’t my Jetstar flight changes reflected in my itinerary?

Changes in Jetstar, AirAsia, Scoot and Tiger Air are managed by the airline directly with the customer. Unfortunately at the moment we have no visibility of those changes so we recommend checking with those airlines to make sure your flight information hasn’t changed.


Will I be able to add to my trip bookings made elsewhere?

It is on our list of future features to allow customers to add more itineraries to their trip so watch this space.


Can I use this tool to plan my trip with an agent?

This is one of our upcoming features which we see as a great way for an agent and customers to collaborate in planning their trip.


I don’t receive notifications of flight changes?

Unfortunately, we don’t have that capability in place yet. This is something we are exploring and hope to enable our customers to have all the updates they may need. Your trip is a live itinerary so it will contain the most up to date information.


I can see my itinerary but it’s not up to date?

At first please give it a few moments or use the refresh feature by sliding/pulling down the trips screen to force a refresh. If you still do not see the latest information please check your emails in the meantime. If you believe there is an issue please contact us on 0800 24 35 44.

If a booking is made online, any passenger detail updates after booking confirmation will not be reflected in Trips. We are currently working towards making all updates reflected in your Trips.


Existing tripcase user?

We no longer support tripcase. Customers with tripcase can continue using tripcase if they wish however we highly recommend downloading this Flight Centre App for all future travel needs.


If you have booked in a group?

Please contact your travel consultant about how you will approach to communicating itinerary information out for group bookings (9 or more people).


Technical Q’s


Is my device and software compatible with the Flight Centre app?

For the best experience of the Flight Centre app we recommend you use an iPhone or iPad (iPhone 6 or later, running 0S 10.3.2 or later, iPad Air2 or later running OS 10.3.2 or later) or an Android device running Android (Android running OS 7.0 or later).