Phuket is located off the southern coast of Thailand and is the country's largest island. Much of Phuket's appeal lies along its coastline with numerous beaches, calm lagoons and colourful reefs. Famed as the ideal tropical holiday destination, tourists flock to Phuket all throughout the year. Second to its natural beauty, Phuket is home to historic sites, a buzzing nightlife scene, luxury resorts and day spas.

Phuket cruises disembark at The Port of Phuket, located on the Western Seaboard of Thailand.

Sights to See

Thanks to Phuket's small size, it is possible to see most of the island in a day, particularly with the help of a day tour. If you would prefer to just lounge by the water and soak in Phuket's beauty, Surin Beach is a pristine and less crowded alternative to Patong. If you'd rather explore the island past the water's edge, head to Phuket's Old Town to wander the historic temples, shrines, museums and cafes on offer.

What's for Lunch

Take a seat in the shade at one of the restaurants or cafes along Patong Beach for a cheap and unique seafood lunch.

If you see only one thing...

Observe Phang Nga Bay, with its sharp limestone cliffs emerging from the emerald waters, from the mainland or take a boat tour around the islands and explore the isolated inlets and caves.

Local speak

To ask someone if they speak English say, khoon phuut pha saa ang kgrit dai mai.


Bring home a beautiful blouse, tie or pillow made from authentic Thai silk from the Central Festival Phuket mall.