Located in the Kimberly Region of Western Australia, Broome is a beachside town famous for tourism, particular during the dry season. In addition to its beloved beaches, Broome is a thriving hub for the pearling industry. In fact the city's history with pearling dates back to the late 1800s when mother of pearls were retrieved in open water and without the aid of breathing apparatuses. Today the pearling industry continues to thrive thanks to a number of family owned farms.

Broome cruises dock at the Port of Broome, located 8km south of the city centre.

Sights to See

If you're in Broome on a sunny day, it's hard to resist visiting the town's pristine beaches. After you've enjoyed some sun, visit the Malcolm Douglas' Wilderness or Croc Park and come face to face with some of Australia's most exotic creatures. Alternatively, learn more about Broome's unique pearl history by visiting one of the city's pearl farms and bring home a shiny memento of your own.

What's for Lunch

Lunch in Broome can be a number of things - a gourmet sampling of indigenous delicacies, an exotic Asian meal or a traditional pub lunch. Take your pick from the wide variety available at Cable Beach or for something truly local, feast on Broome's famous pearl oysters.

If you see only one thing...

Broome's Cable Beach is lauded to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Take a seat on the sand at sunset for a spectacular view.